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“Oh, master, this child is so pitiful. He’s lost his parents soon after being born. That’s just too pitiful.” The kind Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue immediately became deeply sympathetic when they learned about the miserable life of the infant. Their gazes toward the child also underwent changes, becoming filled with love.

“Master, let’s let this pitiful child live on Three Saint Island in the future,” Xiao Qian touched the child’s cheek with a jade-like finger as she pleaded.

“Yeah, master, let’s just let the child stay with us on Three Saint Mountain. The mountain’s this big and there’s only the four of us. An additional person would bring an additional portion of liveliness,” Xiao Yue also insisted. She liked the chubby, white infant in the Heavenly Enchantress’ arms very much and felt even more sympathetic.

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