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Chapter 7

All throughout the afternoon, Feng Fei's mood was very complicated.

Hai Xiu spent a lot of money and a lot of time to go to the bookstore just to buy counselling books for him. Of course, Feng Fei appreciated it. But thinking about those good ideas and looking down at the heavy stack of counselling books, Feng Fei felt helpless once again.

Feng Fei took out the books from Hai Xiu's school bag and put them on his desk, his face had lost the eagerness.

"You…don't like it?" After the class, Hai Xiu summoned up the courage to ask Feng Fei. "I bought it… these books are good for you. I…"

Feng Fei smiled, "No, I like it… it’s just…"

"I feel so sad that you've carried such heavy books while running for so long." Saying that out felt too ambiguous, so Feng Fei changed it into: "How much money did you spend?"

Hai Xiu said with ease: "It's alright… I have a discount card from the bookstore. I didn’t spend much…"

Feng Fei took out Hai Xiu's wallet from the kid's school bag and opened it. The first thing he saw was Hai Xiu and his mother's photo. In the photo, Hai Xiu was still a junior high school and his hair was quite longer. He was facing the camera and his smile was very sweet. Feng Fei whistled upon seeing it. He tried to pull out the photo but Hai Xiu stopped him, "I…my…"

It was Hai Xiu's so Feng Fei wanted to snatch it. However, Hai Xiu's mother was also in the photo. Feng Fei paused, and released that photo. Looking at Hai Xiu, he raised his eyebrows. “I won’t touch it. In return, bring me one of your own photos tomorrow, okay?”

Hai Xiu obviously didn’t want to bring a photo, "You……want photos… what are you going to do?"

Feng Fei also didn’t know why he wanted Hai Xiu to bring a photo, but he still said: "Make sure you bring one. What? You are not willing to give me one?"

"Willing…actually willing…" Hai Xiu stammered out a comply. Feng Fei flipped Hai Xiu's wallet and sure enough, it was empty.

He looked at the ten counselling books on his desk and sighed, "You…How much did you spend?"

Hai Xiu regretfully said: "In fact…there's a good one, but…but my money is not enough…"

Feng Fei snorted, "Luckily, it’s not enough…" He took out his own wallet, pulled out a couple of hundred yuan then stuffed it on Hai Xiu's wallet.

(T/N: it was actually written as 钱 which means Qián/money, but I used yuan instead of money.)

Hai Xiu tried to grab his wallet, "You…what are you doing?"

"What am I doing?" Feng Fei lifted his hand that was holding the wallet, so that Hai Xiu couldn’t immediately reach it. Looking at his anxious face, Feng Fei wanted to laugh: "Grab it ah. If you succeed, I'll give it back to you."

Of course, Hai Xiu couldn't grab it, his lips moved and said in a low voice: "But I…I want to give you…"

Feng Fei's heart moved. He sat properly and said with a smile: "Okay, I did not say that I don’t appreciate these. I do, really."

Hai Xiu's jet black eyes lit up, he said with some embarrassment: "If you don’t know anything…You can…you can ask me, I’ll tell you."

"Hey," Feng Fei was footling around again. “You bought these for me, just for the sake of giving me a lesson, right? You’re setting up a trap for me…”

Hai Xiu was somewhat loss for words: "Ah?"

Feng Fei did not understand why he likes to take advantage of Hai Xiu. He also didn't know how he was too lazy to deal with those girls who liked him, but when it comes to Hai Xiu, he was willing to take advantage of him.

Hai Xiu was still staring at his own wallet and said, "You…give me the wallet… I don’t want the money."

Feng Fei also thought that his act of giving Hai Xiu money was completely meaningless, but he was not at ease so he asked: "Do you still have a pocket money?"

Hai Xiu nodded, "There are still at home…" then he added, "My mom…doesn't limit my pocket money."

Feng Fei's heart relaxed, he returned Hai Xiu's wallet back to him and said: "Okay. Our agreement ah, bring your picture to me…Otherwise, I’ll tear off your ID picture."

Hai Xiu frowned and nodded.

Feng Fei was amused for awhile, he then looked at the counselling books, he felt a little conflicted as he took one out and sighed, "Start from the beginning?"

Hai Xiu nodded again, "If you see something that you don’t understand, underline it, I'll write the pointers. So…you won’t make the same mistake again.

Feng Fei resigned to his fate: "On it." Because Hai Xiu spent money and made an effort, he couldn’t afford to put these books aside to dine on ashes.1

Thus, Feng Fei with his heart falling apart, did the questions one by one.

In fact, Hai Xiu was very knowledgeable. He did not agree on the workbook's methods so he did not ask Feng Fei to do more. According to Hai Xiu, as long as the problems were related to the pointers he would get the hang of it. The ever-changing of the subject, was not from its case, but from the transformation of the application.

This was certainly not a difficult task for Hai Xiu, a well-established student with a solid foundation of knowledge. But for Feng Fei, who was not even knowledgeable about textbooks, the process was extremely painful.

Hai Xiu could deduce a number of pointers from Feng Fei’s questions, it covered the topics from first, second and third year of high school textbooks. Feng Fei had no other choice but to ask Hai Xiu about them, who could throw out several textbooks within minutes, flipped through them to find the topic chapter and explained to him from scratch bit by bit. He was so meticulous, Feng Fei felt like he was going to collapse.

Feng Fei asked Hai Xiu several times: "You don’t get bothered? Delaying your time?"

You couldn’t see any impatience in Hai Xiu's eyes when he explained it in more detail, but in the end, he would stammer when lying: "I…I'll tell you…when I can also review it."

Feng Fei was silent. Hai Xiu knew on where was the page and on which pointer was it, so he did not believe that Hai Xiu needed to review this.

Perhaps in order to quickly get out of this painful situation or perhaps he did not want to waste Hai Xiu's time, Feng Fei particularly worked harder than before. His mind was originally had been quick and he was possessing a powerful memory. Now that he was putting more effort, the effect was really remarkable. Less than a month's time, he had reached the "systematic formation" stage for those subjects.

Once the pointers had been understood and used together, those questions certainly seemed much easier than before

On third year's second monthly exam, Feng Fei's results were by leaps and bound2. His total score were 100 points more than the last one.

When the results were down, Feng Fei looked for Hai Xiu's name first.

The test result was posted at the back of the classroom. Feng Fei pushed away a few boys to take a look, he frowned then turned to look at Hai Xiu who was nearby, "What was your rank in the school's overall rankings?"

Hai Xiu said softly: "Seventeenth."

Feng Fei did not actually heard Hai Xiu because the classroom was too noisy and Hai Xiu's voice was too small. He only looked at the shape of Hai Xiu's mouth and had guessed it correctly. Feng Fei then turned to look at the test result, his mouth slowly hooked up.

Feng Fei returned to his seat, the corner of his mouth held a smile: "Guess what your rank is, this time."

Hai Xiu felt that his performance was fine so he tentatively asked: "Dropped? No way…I feel like I did well…"

"Well, you should act more like a good student." Feng Fei smiled, "You should have said; I didn’t do well in my exam, my studies will deteriorate."

Hai Xiu smiled and shook his head, "It's Impossible."

Feng Fei was staring at Hai Xiu when he said: "You ranked ninth this time(in school), and first in our class."

Of course, Hai Xiu didn’t care about this. He hesitated at first then asked: "How about you?"

Feng Fei looked at Hai Xiu whose eyes were somewhat anxious.

He was even happier as he leaned on the chair, he was smiling faintly and not speaking.

Hai Xiu worriedly whispered, "Say it…" Feeling like it was a trouble, Hai Xiu hesitated, "Can…you say it?"

"What do you think?" Feng Fei flicked Hai Xiu's forehead and laughed, "Overall ranking is 237th and my rank in our class is 13th."

Hai Xiu's eyes lit up and he happily said: "You…You rose up a lot."

Feng Fei nodded, narcissistically saying: “With this progress, it’s not a big problem getting into the class' top 10.”

Hai Xiu said with a smile: “Besides, the gap for improvement is……small."

"I know that I progressed a lot in math and science." Feng Fei said, then he looked at Hai Xiu after half a day and smiled, "You're so happy. Was it because of my progress or because of yours?"

Hai Xiu said without thinking: "Because of me."

Feng Fei broke into laughter: “Do you know how to talk?!”

Hai Xiu hurriedly said: "I…my grades cannot go down. Or else…you'd think that it was because I helped you and have no time to review…The teachers…would also think so."

Feng Fei was stunned.

Hai Xiu's voice was getting lower and lower, "Your grades…will certainly progress. I know…it's not…unexpected."

Feng Fei did not speak for a long time so Hai Xiu felt uneasy, "What happened?"

"Nothing…Nothing." Feng Fei desperately suppressed the urge to kiss Hai Xiu, he unscrewed a bottle of water and took a few mouthfuls before coughing twice. "Come to my house this weekend."

(T/N: Σ(⊙▽⊙"a I was shock too.)

Hai Xiu frowned, "Why ah?"

"My mother knows that you always helped me so she wants to thank you." Feng Fei was actually just making up a story. His mother was always busy near the end of the year, so she was not simply at home. While his father was always living in the office and conference room. Not to mention, its weekend and no one would be at home. "Come on, will give you something you love to eat."

Hai Xiu was surprised and a bit excited because he was invited to a classmate's home for the first time, but he hesitated: "Is…it okay?"

"What's wrong?" Feng Fei then said, "Don't worry. On Saturday, you wait in your house and I’ll come to pick you up."

Hai Xiu could only finally nodded, "Okay."

Feng Fei whistled in his heart, he turned around with a smile, opened the examination paper and started correcting the mistakes he had made. He was unaware that he had developed an error correction habit.

he or she is excessively focusing attention on failures or regrets for past actions. ↩ grow or progress very quickly ↩

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