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09-10 From One Thing to Another

After returning from Kunlun Island to Hourai Island, Jin was thinking about Fritz.

Then Ann came along to inform him. Jin changed his focus.

“Yes, gladly.”

Its shape was roughly that of a cube, with one of the sides having a sort of a parabolic generator device attached to it.

“I do not feel anything in particular.”

“Alright, in that case try using some magic please. I suppose something like a [Light Ball] would do.”

“Yes. …[Light Ball]. …Father, I cannot cast it.”

Despite reciting the chant, the accompanying Trigger’s Magic Energy completely vanished like mist. Therefore no magical phenomenon got cast.

They found that apparently the effectiveness rapidly decreased with distance. The effectiveness was approximately inversely proportional to the cube of the distance.

“Hmm, I wonder if it’s the effect of the Ether in the atmosphere? It’s difficult to make a large-scale one…”

“Seems like the range would be too low even if loaded onto a Falcon or something and used from the air.”

“What’s the next step…”

“Even if it was used intermittently…”

“That’s it! Intermittently!”

“Reiko, Ann, please give me the prototype.”

“Alright, let’s try testing it now.”

“It works!”

Reiko asked, and Jin explained.

Basically, it was made to run for 0.2 seconds and then rest for 0.4 seconds so the consumption was be reduced to a third. And that portion was used to increase the output when it was running.

In addition, inserting pause times allowed for increasing the running output. You could maybe compare it to electric current which can momentarily surpass the rated value of a resistor.

“Master, that’s amazing!”

“Alright, with this the prototype Magi Jammer is alright. Let’s entrust the development of this thing too to Laojin and the Smiths. They can determine the optimal intermittent timing.”
As he had built the Smiths, Jin’s responsibilities were substantially reduced. Accordingly Jin could devote himself to research. Right now time was precious.

“Alright, now let’s think of methods to dispel spells like [Hypno] and [Seduce].”

No, beyond that, what if the leaders of the countries currently causing war were affected? The Unifilers were liable to do that much.

“Ann, what do you think? Can you think of any dispelling methods?”

“As before, huh…”

He said that to Ann then,

She gave a reply.

“It was identical to the lightning-type magic [Shock] developed before the Great Magic War.”

Thinking about it, because he had analyzed and put to use the Rod of Paralysis Beana had used, it wasn’t strange that there was another magic that was used as its model.


“It’s a weak lightning attack with a peculiar waveform. The waveform is…”

“I see. Not just the waveform, the intensity too is important after all. But it doesn’t seem difficult to use.”

It was in the shape of a pistol, and shot out a lightning attack at the pull of the trigger. The reason it could transmit through air to reach the opponent despite the voltage being low it was likely because of magic.

However, on Hourai Island this weapon wouldn’t be effective against anyone but Jin. Because Reiko and the golems wouldn’t be paralyzed by it.

For the time being he also made ones Reiko and his private SP golems, and decided to have them test it if the occasion rises.

“Alright, now let’s once again build a device that dispels hypnosis using [Shock].”

“But this really is quick to do with a model to follow, huh.”

In under 30 minutes the prototype was completed. Its shape was the same as that of the Paralyzer. Sometime in the future he’d probably make something that could swap between [Paralysis] and [Shock].

And so he decided to leave the inspection of this too to Laojin.

Then Jin started considering methods of the Titans’ deployment.

For example, the place where the current conflict lies is about 600 kilometers away, and going there even on Falcon-1 would take an hour. Maybe he could make this take around ten minutes instead, Jin set his goals.

By sending them out using this, even if there was some measurement error in the location it would be much faster than flying them in all the way from Hourai Island.

And then Jin once more began pondering.

Reiko was a little concerned about Jin as she had a feeling he was in a hurry.

“Reiko-san, what can I do for you?”

“Indeed. There’s not much of the sense of enjoyment from before, is there?”

“That seems to be the case. I feel that My Lord thinks he must take care of everything by himself.”

“Because most of My Lord’s knowledge has been transcribed to me I know. My Lord thinks that it is evil to not act when he has the power to.”

“I think so too. But My Lord really worries about that.”

“Thinking about it normally, if both the war and the Unifilers were to disappear My Lord’s worries would disappear too.”

“Having said that, even if for instance they were annihilated using [Laser] My Lord would probably not be happy.”

“Difficult, isn’t it.”

The faithful subordinates, nay, the children had such a discussion without Jin knowing it. He had finally thought about ways to make use of the Titans, and now on top of that was considering how to execute those plans in practice.

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