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09-13 Search

“Hmm, doesn’t look like she’s in Blue Land either…”

“What will I say to Mine…”

“Well, I guess I have to tell the truth…”

Despite that Jin warped to Kunlun Island and met with Mine.

Seeing Mine’s concerned expression, Jin got cold feet. But he braced himself and,

Jin told her the truth.

Thankfully, Mine accepted the truth without flying into a rage and grabbing Jin. Of course, she looked worried.

Jin explained his conjecture of what went on earlier. After hearing the basics, Mine muttered a few words.

The guess was rather on point but it did not change the current situation.

Jin said. His remark had a somewhat confusing feel to it but that was unavoidable.

Being told so Jin could feel the pressure, but without showing that on his face he nodded in a big way,

He said and left behind Kunlun Island.

“Master, why do you think Elsa-san was able to warp?”

“Hmm, maybe the authentication didn’t work well, or perhaps…”

After hearing that Jin sharply clapped his hands together.

He couldn’t think of any other reason than panicking after Elsa’s disappearance.

“Laojin, like when you looked for Elsa earlier, look for my…”

“My Lord, what’s wrong?”

“Right, that’s probably it! Elsa was wearing the brooch I gave her to as a present! Isn’t that right, Reiko?”

“Let’s see, that’s indeed the case. If I recall correctly I think that she had the brooch on her chest.”

Well, in Reiko’s case she was probably just barely concerned with anyone except for Jin.

“As you wish.”

The search locations were the places where Warp Gates had been established.

“My Lord, there is a reaction from Kaina Village.”

“So it was Kaina Village!”

“Surely she carelessly went outside and the barrier kept her from coming back, huh.”

“Even so, Kaina Village, huh…”

“I’m certain I left Kaina Village on December last year, and now is April so it’s been about four months since then…”

Now that he had received the title of Egelia Kingdom’s Honorary Magi Craftsman, he could probably return to Kaina Village at a moment’s notice without any harm.

“Anyhow, I don’t have any option other than going there tomorrow morning, do I?”

Then Jin got in touch with Gon, Gen, and the SP dedicated to Hannah.

Iris of the SP spoke as the representative. Jin briefly told her of Elsa’s disappearance and asked if she had by any chance happened to see Elsa around there. Her reply was,

“A lady named Elsa of around 16 or 17 years of age is satying in the village headman Mr. Gheebeck’s house. She has platinum blonde hair.”

“She seems to have received a warm welcome from the village headman’s niece Barbara. Hannah-chan is also with her.”

“Got it. I’ll go meet her tomorrow. Until then, take care that nothing happens to Elsa and of course Hannah.”

And then the call was over.

Now it was past nine PM on Hourai Island. The time difference between here and Kaina Village was a little over two hours so there it was seven PM. It was already total darkness. It was time for the households to go to sleep.

Jin calmed his inner conflict by thinking such thoughts. Then he spoke to Reiko.

“Kaina Village, is it?”

Jin said with a determined look on his face.

Reiko asked as if to confirm.

Right now Jin wasn’t even afraid of taking a whole country on. But he wanted to avoid strife. More so because of Kaina Village.

Just in case he’d be assertive.

“Um, you won’t need either.”

Jin fell asleep half-anxious and half-expectant of tomorrow’s reunion.

“So Elsa-san was in a Warp Gate malfunction?”

After a slightly early dinner, Barbara and Elsa were chatting. Although it mostly composed of Barbara talking about various things and Elsa responding.

“That right? But, a Warp Gate, huh. Are those things common?”

Barbara explained to Elsa who looked puzzled.

Hearing that Elsa was a little bit startled.

“They’re no longer here. It was a misunderstanding but the feudal lord of this area, Earl Walter distrusted them groundlessly and they ended up leaving the village. Although the misunderstanding has been cleared already, they’ve not returned so we can’t tell them that.”

Elsa wanted to say something, but at that moment Gheebeck came. By him was a small girl.

It was nearly five PM. It was no wonder Barbara asked that.


“Yeah. I thought, isn’t it lonely after appearing here by herself?”

“Thank you. …Hannah-chan, right?”

Hannah said and quickly bowed her head. Elsa giggled and smiled as she saw that.

The two had a conversation like that, then Barbara brought them another chair and,

She said. Hannah nodded in a lively manner.

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