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09-45 Storming In

At the entrance that appeared to be the front one. Fifteen minutes after the Land units from 61 to 80 rushed in through it while it was left open.

“There’s no mistaking it. These are the ruins of an ancient fortress.”

The place where they arrived after going through the entrance was something like a wide hall. It was the place where soldiers who warped in would wait for orders.

It had probably been destroyed when the fort got abandoned.

From the front there, a passage extended out. At the entryway to the passage there were concaves where guards had likely once been stationed in, but now there were unmoving golems there that the Land corps had destroyed.

Following Ann’s guidance, the three progressed.

“The stairs down go to the armoury while the stairs up go to the control room. Where should we go?”


The ones that came up were Land-70 and Land-71.

Hearing the report, Reiko decided to head upstairs.

They went upstairs taking Land-70 and Land-71 with them.

The door leading to the second floor hallway was left wide open, and in the hallway there were the Land units from 91 to 100 who were supposed to have entered through the wester side.

Land-100 reported to Reiko.

Ann suggested. Reiko nodded and called out to Land-100 and the others.

Reiko’s group then went to the third floor.

Reiko’s group left that floor to the Land corps too and went to the fourth floor.

“Milady, let us try first.”

“It feels like it’s been barred from the inside. What shall we do?”

Then Jin contacted them. The substitute puppet’s mouth opened.

“That’s the floor we’re on, isn’t it.”

“I understand. What shall we do about this door? Should we open it with force?”

Jin gave instructions while borrowing the mouth of his substitute puppet ‘Deus Ex Machina’.

Reiko felt just a little disappointed. The substitute puppet turned to Reiko and said to her as if consoling her,


The word Deus meant ‘god’ so Jin refrained from that and decided to have the substitute puppet nicknamed ‘Machina’ which meant ‘machine’.

The group then passed through the door and stepped into the fourth floor proper.

“There’s no mistaking it. At the end of this hallway is the control room. It’s clear that a rather high-ranking commander had been in charge of this fort.”

On the left and right there were a number of doors, but after opening them and checking inside they found nothing particularly notable.

Then finally only the door at the back was left.

Land-70 and Land-71 pulled on the door. Because this time there was a handle on the door.

“Please be careful.”

Once the door had opened enough to let a person through the gap, a number of golden and silver figures holding spears rushed out. They were golems.

Reiko who had stayed cautious immediately unsheathed the Vibration Blade and in the next moment cut down two of the attacking golems.

Then Land-70 and Land-71 too cut down an enemy golem each.
This time nothing jumped through the door and it was opened wide.

“So you’ve reached this far.”

There was another golem about two meters tall, but it stood in front of Reiko’s group as if protecting the man from the front.

Along with this words golem number 457 kicked the floor and rushed to attack Ann.

Ann wasn’t indeed very strong.

But she was fast enough to activate the Guard Ring she had received from Jin.

Golem number 457’s fist came to a halt ten centimeters before reaching Ann.

Land-70’s Vibration Blade mowed down golem number 457 which had stopped briefly.

The golem number 457 was cut in half at the waist and collapsed to the floor making a massive sound.

Donald turned pale. Machina = Jin turned towards him and spoke.

Reiko stayed silent and nodded as he spoke.

But Donald was close to being half-frenzied as he didn’t appear to accept the reality in front of him.

Machina = Jin couldn’t just watch and gave the order. Ann immediately cancelled the [Barrier] and zapped Donald with the Paralyzer.

Then again, she changed over to [Shock] mode and once more zapped him.

At the same time as Donald fainted, the gold and silver golems on his left and right side rushed for the attack but they were promptly beaten by Land-70 and Land-71.

Reiko looked around the room and said.

Ann who had been similarly looking around the room found a collapsed person concealed by the tapestry hung on the wall.

Ann who found him, Reiko, and Machina went there to look. Land-70 and Land-71 stayed vigilant of the surroundings.

“His sternum is broken but he seems to still be alive.”

He applied it on the chest wound and the old man’s breathing seemed to become easier. Next Jin made him drink it.

Then the old man opened his eyes.

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