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09-48 Princess of Destruction, Terminated

Jin decided to leave his substitute puppet Machina there and have Laojin control it and take command of dealing with the remaining business.

When they came here they had flown all the way, but on the return trip they decided to use the floatsink base. According to Laojin since it also had a [Stealth] function they probably wouldn’t be seen even during the day.

It was better to not use it too frequently, but this time Jin and company returned before others to the research laboratory through the floatsink base’s Warp Gate.

“Now then, shall we examine this fellow?”

Reiko had the Vibration Sword in hand prepared for any unforeseen situations, and Ann was standing next to Jin to give advice.

Although it was far superior to usual golems’s, Jin saw that the structure wasn’t a match for the works of the predecessor.

“Father, is something the matter?”

“Mmh, ah, sorry. I just saw something curious in her structure.”

“There’s no Ether Converter. No Mana Driver either. Besides… what might this be?”

“Yeah, this is an Ether Tank and this is an Ether Driver. The energy efficiency is poor, but it seems to be able to produce power easily. Although it’s not slim at all.”

“It appears that around the time of the Great Magic War the Ether concentration in the air was much higher than now. So this was probably fine then.”

Jin thought a little and then answered Reiko’s question.

Including Reiko, Jin’s golems and Automata had an Ether Converter the output of which would double if the Ether concentration doubled.

If Ether was crude oil then an Ether Driver burns it directly, while an Ether Converter refines it to gasoline which a Mana Driver then uses. It’s a rough comparison, but maybe it’s an easy one to understand.

Reiko who came to this conclusion looked slightly proud.

“Well, the other thing is this. This is no doubt the Control Core, but it’s a Magi Crystal I’ve never seen before. Ann, can you recognize it?”

“No, I do not. What might the attribute turn out to be?”

“Hmm, it seems to be a composite of light and fire attributes. To think that a Magi Crystal like this could naturally form. At any rate, this should be filled with the memories and knowledge of the Golden Princess of Destruction. Let’s have Laojin analyze it. But before that…”

“[Transfer Info].”


“…What was that?”

“Father, it seems that the Magi Crystal overreacted to a specific Magic Energy wavelength or waveform. That light came from changing the Magic Energy of [Transfer Info] into light.”

Nothing like that was in the abundant knowledge Jin inherited from the predecessor. Ann said he didn’t know about it either.

“It’s possible, but that’s hard to prove, isn’t it.”

Jin tried examining the all-attribute Magi Crystal. There might’ve been some missing parts but most of it had been copied.

Since it was a Magi Crystal with unknown properties, Jin decided to be cautious with its handling.

“Alright, lastly are her eyes.”

“As I thought, they’re Blood Crystals. If I remember right, they had the [Charm] effect.”

“Using these eyes at the same time seems to make mental manipulation simple, huh…”
This late in the game, Jin felt relieved and thought it was good that he hadn’t gone in person.

“Alright, now I understand it all. I suppose I’ll try to repair her.”

“Father, even though she was hostile you’re repairing her?”

“Yeah, as long as I remove the cause of her madness she’ll be very helpful, I think. And I was thinking I’d have her monitor the Unifiers.”

The group of small nations, in other words Celuroa Kingdom, Egelia Kingdom, Frantz Kingdom, and Cline Kingdom had been completely disturbed by the Unifiers.

“That top seat guy, Joule was it, seems to have returned back to sanity and is regretting things, you see.”

“I see, I understand now. If she looks like the Golden Princess of Destruction she was originally then she won’t feel out of place, correct?”

And so Jin set about to repairing the Golden Princess of Destruction.

He coated the joints with Adamantite.

The problem was the Control Core.

Jin was troubled.

Out of consideration for the troubled Jin, Reiko called out to him.

“If it were me, I wouldn’t want to be left with the memories of the time I was mad. I’d want to be myself because Mother and Father wished me to be so.”

“Alright, I got it. In that case, let’s remove her memories after the point her manufacturer passed away. Then let’s confer her the information afresh.”

“I don’t really want to tamper with her, but she’d be dangerous.”

Reiko said to encourage Jin.

Jin then prepared a milky white Magi Crystal, and very very carefully transcribed the memories of the ‘former’ Golden Princess of Destruction to it in order of age.

It’s a digression, but it’s said that a single standard Magi Crystal could record the memories of 50 people.

“Alright, it’s up to here. By the way, her last memory is ‘You are the best’, huh. What’s up with that?”

“Yeah. She probably died mid-way through the sentence…”

“…Poor thing. I was able to hear Mother’s last will but she didn’t even have that.”

“Yeah, that’s where her misfortune began, isn’t it.”

“It’s not a very good thing to do though.”

“No, Father is kind. Even if they are fake memories, this girl will surely become happy. I guarantee it.”
“Thanks, Reiko.”

Then Jin recorded what happened until now into the information area instead of the memory area. With this she’s be able to understand what had happened and what she had done.
He’d then have her use the information to make things up afterwards.

Lastly, as a safety measure, he added measures to purge the main Magi Device in case she fell into the hands of a third party.

As Reiko had bisected the clothes she had worn along with her body, he remade them anew.

“Alright, [Activate].”

She slowly sat upright, then looked at Jin and,

She said.

“It is excellent. Thank you very much.”

“Do you remember what has happened until now?”

She replied. Jin was relieved. Then again,

He tried asking. The manufacturer hadn’t given her a name. If there was any disorder or flaws between her memories and knowledge then she would surely respond with Elena. But.

Her reply calmed Jin down.

“Yes, I am ‘Elena’.”

Like this, the ‘Golden Princess of Destruction’ disappeared and was born again as ‘Elena’.

As you might expect Jin was tired so he went to relax in the hot springs, ate Reiko’s home cooking, and soon went to bed.
Contrary to Jin, the magical brain of Hourai Island Laojin who knew no tiredness was taking one measure after another in accordance with Jin’s ideas.

The headquarters of the Unifiers was re-established, and to repair it back to functional the Smith units were dispatched.

The brainwashing of the captured Unifiers was undone.

Such things were done first.
Further arrangements would begin the next morning when Jin would wake up.

Thus, there was finally hope that the long days of mayhem caused by the Unifiers would end.

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