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Chapter 1

10-01 New Home

Kaina Village, the 25th of April.

The mountains were completely covered in green leaves and the ears of the wheat in the fields had also grown long. The season when blowing winds were no longer cold and had a pleasant feel to them.

Extension work to Martha’s house was underway.

Jin figured he’d double the size to 12 tatami mats along with adding a second floor to serve as a living space.

“Hey Jin, I’m here to help… Wait, aren’t you half-done already?”

For putting up the supports and such Jin had Gon and Gen along with Reiko who insisted on helping, so the supports were placed in a heartbeat and they continued with constructing the floor.

Jin had lunch and in the afternoon it was time for the interior design.

Everyone who came to see the house that was built in an excessively short time was similarly surprised. However,

Accepting it with just that was sort of the way Kaina Village worked.

Its outward appearance was a two-storey house with a one-sided slanted roof. The first floor had the workshop and the second floor had the living space.

He also decided to dig a basement some other time and store materials there. Of course he’d also secretly install a small Warp Gate.

Since no soft rush grew around Kaina Village he wasn’t able to make a tatami-matted floor, but as his bedroom had a wooden floor Jin was, as a Japanese person, still fussy about taking the shoes off when entering the room.

Hannah called out to Jin from downstairs.

“Sure you can.”


“Wow, what a view.”

“Ah, I can see the water well. And that’s the hot spring’s roof~”

Incidentally there was no dining room or kitchen, as Martha had firmly insisted,

Jin had then gladly agreed.

Reiko, who had been entrusted with the task of tiling the roof as she was the lightest of them all came down.

“Thank you, Hannah-chan.”
Reiko smiled at Hannah, then

said to Jin,

Jin gave a nod and said,

One of the men in village, Linus, was unexpectedly good at woodworking. He had made half of the chairs and the tables used in the village.

That’s what Linus had said. Jin also emphasized that to Reiko so she wouldn’t be nitpicky.

This time Elsa’s voice came from downstairs. They looked down from the window and saw Linus with a trailer that had a wooden bed on it.

“Linus, thanks for taking your time to do this.”

“What the heck are you saying, this doesn’t amount to even a tenth of the work you’ve done for us.”

“Thank you very much. Reiko, could you please carry it. ”

Reiko nodded, easily picked up the bed and carried it out. Linus watched her leave and,

He pulled the trailer and turned back while voicing his admiration.

In the end, the exterior and interior were both complete in a single day and, although modest, they had a celebration for the completion in the evening.

Jin planned to gift boxes of Citran to the people who helped tomorrow morning.

“And so, thanks for everything you’ve done today!”

“Onii-chan, congratulations~!”

“Jin-sama, congratulations.”

They then enjoyed the food Martha and Mine had considerately prepared. Actually,

Elsa had apparently also done her best.


Hannah also showed off.

Martha’s house was calm, and gently Kaina Village grew dark. It was a day you’d want to continue forever, as if all was right in the world.

After dinner, Mine had something to tell Jin.

Mine explained that she had talked about it some time ago and decided to teach reading, writing, and mathematics.

“Ah, because the chief’s living room is large, I see.”

“That’s good, isn’t it. Keep it up. If you need help with anything feel free to ask me.”

“Yes, thank you very much. As Elsa will also be with me it’ll be alright.”

“Mm, Jin-nii.”

“Oh yeah, let me prepare the materials to use for writing.”

“Could you? I was thinking of using slates and writing with water at first though.”

“No, I’ve got something much better. I’ll give it to you tomorrow.”
Jin said and took on the task.

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