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Chapter 3

10-03 Study Group


The cheerful greetings of the children resounded in Kaina Village.

“Good morning.”

There were nine of them. A small number. There was simply not a lot of children to begin with.

Mine also noticed it. That was because normally it wasn’t unusual for families to have over three children.

“It’s because of the bad food situation, isn’t it.”

“Mine-san, it is actually because some men were conscripted, and also an epidemic disease eight years ago played a part.”

“An epidemic disease, you say…”

At that time Rock had yearned to be a knight and had gone to the royal capital so he didn’t know of it very well.

“So that’s how it was…”

“But the number of inhabitants will go up soon.”

Mine who had been looking down raised her head.

“Ah, you mean that there are people who have become pregnant?”

“Yes. The bellies of five women have become bigger.”

As they talked, Hannah turned up.

“Yes, good morning, Hannah-chan. Shall we begin soon?”

Adding Hannah there were ten children in total. They were aged from seven years old to 14 years old.

“Good morning, everyone. I’m your sensei, Mine. This is my daughter Elsa who’ll be my assistant.”

The children were lively.

Mine clapped her hands and made the children go silent, then said,

Ye~s, the children replied.

“…I’m, Elsa. 17 years old. I’m from Shouro Empire. I’m not very good at talking, but let’s get along well, okay?”


o;Mine-sensei! Elsa-sensei!”

When she had shown her magic after the icehouse was built, Elsa had become admired by the children.

“Yeah! My name’s Patty! I just turned eight. Umm, my dad is called Linus and he’s good at making things out of wood. My mom’s Sera. She’s a bit scary when she’s angry but she’s good at making food.”

“Yes! I’m Mario. My father is Rock and my mother is Molly.”

Once they were done the teaching finally began.

Jin had been watching the situation a little distance away but when Reiko tugged his sleeve and he guessed she had something to talk about they went to the back of the village head’s house.

“My apologies, Laojun has something to ask you.”

Since there was a Warp Gate in the basement of his new home, he was able to freely go back to the research facility.

Laojun’s mobile terminal Laozi was waiting there.

Laozi said and gave a bow.

Laozi said and presented Jin with a short sword.

Jin gazed at the short sword while talking. There was nothing unusual about it, it seemed to be a sword just like any other. He tried taking it in his hand, and again noticed nothing.

“For some mysterious reason, traces of My Lord’s Magical Energy can be felt from the sword.”

Jin who had heard something unexpected then tried using magic to investigate its workings.

“Indeed, this is my… Ah, I remember now. This must be Lithia’s short sword.”

Even so, the sword that was made out of iron which was even softer than steel had quickly bent out of shape. Then after repelling the golems, Lithia had been feeling down after Toka Village’s smith had told her the sword couldn’t be repaired.

“This is the sword from that time. I see, Lithia was supposed to be in Tetrada too, wasn’t she.”

Reiko hadn’t been around when the golems were driven back: she was talking about the time when after that Earl Walter had come to capture Jin to a misunderstanding.

The sword in his hand hadn’t rusted and had been sharpened well. Since it was Lithia’s it probably hadn’t been used in combat, and Jin could tell it had been handled with great care.

Reiko’s evaluation standards were plain and simple. Jin smiled awkwardly.

Jin had gone and given orders to have the materials of the taken swords, spears, shields, armor, and such checked, then have them molten down to ingots except for the clearly special equipment that were imbued with magic or made out of rare materials.

“She was in the royal capital, wasn’t she?”

“Father, don’t tell me you’re thinking of going there?”

“But even so…”

“Reiko-san, since My Lord has expressed his desire to go, I think it is proper to fulfill his wishes. And if possible, I’d like to ask for some more protective measures for My Lord.. ”

It was an obvious question.

Laojun replied and,

He continued, then the portable terminal Laozi took something out of a basket.

“Yes. These clothes were made out of thin slices of a Sea Dragon’s leather.”

“Yes. According to our tests, it’s not to the extent of the reinforced clothing but it can defend against Ann’s full strength.”

“The silver surface is the most heavy part, and by passing Magic Energy through it it can become even more robust.”

“I got it. So, pants and a coat. Thanks, Laojun.”

There was still something else at the bottom of the basket. It looked like a lapel pin.

“Yes. Please attach it to the lapel of the coat. In the case that you receive an attack and the coat hardens from impact and from Magical Energy, a [Barrier] will be instantly deployed. Since it’s small the [Barrier] doesn’t last long, so please activate the bracelet before it breaks. ”

“Got it, I’ll gladly put them to use.”

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