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Chapter 4
Magi Craft Meister Volume 10 Chapter 04

10-04 Side Story 14: Lithia up to Now

Lithia Fahlheit was a new noble.

His eldest daughter Lithia too was doing her best at being a squire.

“Next, Fahlheit!”

The female squires were being trained. Right now the training was mock battles with the instructor using wooden swords.

Royalty and high-ranking nobles calling for female guards or knights wasn’t uncommon.

The instructor doing the training was the vice-captain of the female Imperial Guard knight squad. Her name was Gloria Ohlstat

Many of the female knights were low-ranking nobles or children of knights. Gloria was from a household that had produced a great number of knights for generations.
Among them Lithia who had a father who was a new noble was slightly out of place.

“That girl’s keeping at it, huh.”

Half of the colleagues who were watching her train were children of nobles. Due to their status they wouldn’t be troubled even if they couldn’t become knights.

There was even someone who didn’t hesitate to say that.

“There’s no way I who was born to a house that’s had generations upon generations of knights can lose to a rookie like that.”
“Just look at her posture. It doesn’t even resemble like a proper one. There’s not an ounce of elegance in it.”

Whether or not Lithia knew about the ridicule, she kept on facing the instructor no matter how many times her wooden sword was repelled. And in the end.

Her sword was forcefully sent flying and the training came to an end.

Lithia thanked the instructor while agonizingly heaving for air,.


“Listen, when cutting with a sword take the trajectory in consideration. You must have the edge perpendicular to the thing you’re cutting. If you don’t do that then the sword won’t cut and it might bounce off, bend, or even break.”

This was very different from iaido practiced with Japanese swords. In iaido a 45 degree angle cut in often. This was against a straw post made out of a tatami rolled up tight, which was exceedingly hard to cut through.

“First, I’ll show you.”


“Instructor Ohlstat is fantastic.”

rmurs like that were heard too.

“Yes ma’am! Take this!”

“Yes. …Yahh.”

“Yes! Yaah!”

“Alright, that’s adequate. Next…”

Finally it was Lithia’s turn.

“Yes. …Take this!”

“Mh-hm, alright. …Hmm? Fahlheit, let me take a look at your sword.”

Despite being flustered by the instructor suddenly asking to see her sword, Lithia handed it over.

“U-umm, y-you see, it’s a sword a-an acquaintance Magi Craftsman repaired for me. It used to be just a normal iron sword, but it got bent and he repaired it for me.”

“Hmm, is that so. That’s a good acquaintance you’ve got. Take good care of this sword.”

“Ten laps around the training grounds and that’s it for today. Double time!”

After a day of training ten laps around the training grounds was rather intense. While some dropped out, Lithia stuck it through to the end while wheezing.

Then, on the 3457th year in the history of the continent, soon in the beginning of the year the neighboring Frantz Kingdom’s army violated the border and Lithia too was appointed to the relief knight troops and recruited to the battle.

On the battlefield Lithia remembered what she had once talked about with Jin.

“Something I can do… It’s healing after all, isn’t it.”
Due to her daily efforts in training, Lithia had mastered healing magic up to the intermediate level, and had become a healer competent even among the relief knight troops.

That year there were three repeated small fights.

And at that time.

The weapons, armor, even the golems and tableware, any and all metallic objects of Frantz Kingdom’s army had been molten. Cline Kingdom’s army had been inexplicably rendered unconscious, and once they woke up they found their weapons and armor taken..

“Lithia, I heard you’ve done well.”

“Father, I’m glad you’re safe!”

“Lithia, it seems you’ve worked hard.”

Lithia spoke and looked sad. Nicholas then gently tried to reassure his daughter.

“Isn’t that because Father and the others did their best?”

On this day a conversation like that went on between the father and the daughter.

“By the way, about that third son of the Rush family…”

“Eh? About who?”
And so Nicholas felt relieved from the bottom of his heart.

The next day.

“Ah, Pasco-san, good morning.”

“W-what a fine weather we’re having today, don’t you agree.”

“Oh, um, that’s right, uh, ha, hahaha…”

“A-anyway, I have to go work as a guard now!”

“Heh, what an interesting fellow.”

“Guard, huh…”

“It got lost, didn’t it…”

In addition to that, there may have been another reason why she was feeling down about it.

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