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Chapter 6

10-06 Present

“A light blue one piece dress for Hannah. With a white sash around the waist that you can tie to a bowknot ”

Something simple typical for commoners. But wanting give it a tinge of elegance he ended up making a one piece dress. Since it was spring the sleeves were kept short.

“Hmmh, onii-chan, I want an apron too.”

“Wo~w, amazing!”

“Okay, I’m done. Want to try them on?”


“Wow, it feels kind of nice.”

“Woow, is this me? Onii-chan, thanks!”

Next was Elsa’s clothes.

Jin said and Elsa nodded.

They then decided on a simple A-line one piece dress made similarly out of Magi Silk. The design was the same as that of Hannah’s clothes.

Incidentally, the length of both their skirts was to their knees. For socks they both wore white ones that reached to their ankles.

He made Mohican style shoes out of magical beast leather. They were dark brown. These too were common.

And like this both Elsa and Hannah ended up wearing similar simple outfits. The only difference was that Hannah was wearing an apron.
However, both the Magi Silk and the magical beast leather used were both rare materials. Although they looked usual at a glance, their durability was about five times greater than normal.

As they still had time, Jin decided that this was the perfect chance to make the necklace for Hannah while explaining the process to Elsa.

“Since it fits with any kind of color, let’s use a Magi Quartz.”

Quartz was a mundane mineral so it wasn’t uncommon for commoners to use it, but this was 100 times more valuable. But the difference couldn’t be told without the [Analyze] magic.

This was because if they carelessly wore expensive-looking jewelry they’d be found suspicious and they might get attacked by someone who wanted it.

“Hannah, here’s another gift.”

Even so, Hannah was filled with great joy because she had witnessed Jin make it just for her.
Hannah immed

iately hung it from her neck and happily looked at her reflection in the mirror.

Elsa too was watching Hannah while smiling fondly.

“Jin-nii, what’s this?”

“Oh, this, it’s something of an acquaintance of mine. The other reason I wanted to go to Alban was to return this.”

Elsa’s eyes seemed a little bit sad as she stared at the short sword. Jin had an idea as for the reason.

It was something Jin had once given Elsa as her birthday present. She had left it behind her together with the status of a noble when she had rejected the engagement arranged against her wishes.

Elsa replied confirming that she was indeed a little sad. Then,

Jin said.

Elsa was very interested.

“A knife, mh-hm, that’s alright.”

“Onii-chan and onee-chan, what are you doing?”

Jin replied. Hearing that, Hannah looked very interested.

Jin said and prepared the Light Silver.

He used [Forming] repeatedly. What Jin made was a so-called folding knife.

As is there was no locking mechanism for it so he added a simple one.

Apparently this world had no folding knives like this one. Most of them were the sheath knife type which were kept in a sheath for safekeeping.

These Magi Crystals too should work as markers for the Magi Radar.

After opening and closing the knife multiple times to confirm it works,

Jin said and handed it to Elsa. Although it was a bladed tool since they were now siblings, albeit adoptive ones, there shouldn’t be a problem.

As she had been watching it get made, Elsa immediately tried opening and closing it. She then smiled sweetly and told Jin her impressions.

“Haha, as long as it pleases you.”

“Elsa onee-chan got a present from onii-chan too, we’re the same!”

And like that the outside got darker. This was because Kunlun Island was a about an hour ahead of Kaina Village.

Jin said and left the workshop. He washed his hands in the washroom where Hannah and Elsa followed his lead and washed their hands too.

In the dining hall, Peridot and Topaz had done the dinner preparations.

Jin had given directions for tonight’s menu in advance.

In other words, hamburger meat and croquettes.

“Wow, it’s delicious!”

Hannah enjoyed the hamburger meat and Elsa who had a refined palate saw through the croquettes’ ingredients.

She was eating them in a manner from which it wasn’t at all apparent that she was afraid of Topopoes.

“And then, Jin-nii made kites and flew it with the children.”

“Ah, alright. I suppose kite-flying could be popularized in Kaina Village too.”

That night Hannah and Elsa were in the same room.

Since Hannah too seemed to be fond of the smell of the tatami, or rather the smell of soft rush, Jin was wondering if it couldn’t be cultivated in Kaina Village too.

“Good night, onii-chan.”

They ended up going to bed relatively late, but Hannah was so hyped it seemed she couldn’t fall asleep.

“We couldn’t leave today either…”

Tonight too, Laojun heard Reinhardt’s regular report on behalf of Jin.

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