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83 – The Unusual Action Of The Dark Elves

Yang Feng opened that black box, he only saw a dark green bead lying quietly inside the box, without any abnormalities.


A series of scanning information was quickly transmitted towards the chip inside of Yang Feng’s head. From the scanned data, it could be seen that the dark green bead was merely an ordinary bead without any power.

In Turandot Subcontinent, the surface world was the dwelling of the humans. But the under world was where many demons, dark elves, dwarfs, dark dwarfs, fiends, vampires, demonic beasts, devils and other life forms of the dark attribute existed.

Most of the odd dark attribute life forms in the under world were slaves, pets and products of taboo research seized from other planes by the ancient Warlocks. Then after luckily escaping from those Warlocks, they hid inside the under world and lived there challenging lives.

The under world was originally a site established by the ancient Warlocks for the purpose of tempering low-level Warlocks. But along with the collapse of the Eighth Warlock Dynasty, the splendor of the ancient Warlocks faded away. The site that originally was only meant for tempering low-level Warlocks had already turned into the most dangerous area in Turandot Subcontinent.

The under world was littered with various fierce and formidable life forms of the dark attribute. Even Great Warlock rank experts, if they were to be the slightest bit inattentive, they would also fall there.

Turandot Subcontinent, third layer of the under world.

Surrounded by beautiful and extremely bewitching carnivorous plants lied a luxurious and refined large city, it occupied an extremely wide area and wasn’t any bit inferior to Giant-Stone City.

Dark elves could be seen everywhere within the large city, they were beautiful and alluring, they had dark skin and a pair of pointy ears.

In the center of that large city lied an up to 500m tall resplendent shrine. Inside that up to 500m tall resplendent shrine was a dozens of meters tall statue of a goddess. The upper body was that of a peerless beauty with long golden hair and luscious curves, while the lower body was that of a ferocious, hideous and terrifying large spider. This goddess represented the faith of the dark elves and was known as goddess Rose, the Ruler of the Dark Elves.

Shortly after Yang Feng opened the black box, the black elves’ goddess statue seemed to come to life – terrifying fluctuations of power instantly spread from it and shrouded the entire city.

“Oh mighty Ruler of the Dark Elves, You are our ruler, You are our mother, You are our guide, You are our mighty protector, You are our light in this endless darkness.”

“Praised be You, Your divine power shall envelop the endless planes.”

“We are willing to be Your fangs and tear apart Your enemies.”

“We are willing to be Your shield and resist all the attacks unleashed upon You.”

“Please protect us and grant us strength. Please guide us towards glory!”

All of the dark elves in the city instantly felt those familiar formidable fluctuations of power. Regardless of what they were doing, they all at once prostrated themselves on the ground and loudly praised the goddess of their faith.

The prayers of countless dark elves congregated into traces of faith power that merged with the statue of Rose, which resulted in the statue releasing even greater fluctuations of power.

An unmatchedly beautiful dark elf was wearing a refined and revealing dress, with a fiery and luscious figure and large patches of skin revealed all over her body, on her head was a crown entirely carved out of mithril and embedded with precious gems, her entire body was emitting a bewitching charm. She was followed by 13 extremely beautiful female dark elves as she entered into the shrine.

That dark elf with the unmatched beauty and exuding a bewitching charm from all over her body, her body was shrouded by a formidable life force, her name was Shayenna and she was the Great Mistress of the third layer of the under world of Turandot Subcontinent. The 13 extremely beautiful female dark elves following her were the Mistresses of the 13 dark elf clans.

As soon as they entered the temple, the 14 dark elves immediately prostrated themselves on the floor, they prayed to and praised the goddess of their faith.

A trace of golden holy light was emitted from the statue of the goddess Rose, entering between the eyebrows of the unmatchedly beautiful dark elf. Soon after, the matchless coercion disappeared and the statue recovered its usual aura.

“The mighty Ruler of the Dark Elves passed down a divine decree, the Holy War has officially started!”

After Shayenna got up from the ground, with an awestruck expression, she lifted the scepter in her hand and proclaimed loudly.

“The Holy War! Never seize to live the mighty Ruler of the Dark Elves!”

“The Holy War! Never seize to live the mighty Ruler of the Dark Elves!”


Waves of zealous cheers were wantonly spread within the shrine.

Within the large city constructed by the dark elves, inside a hot spring, a young man with a handsome appearance and short blue hair was currently having fun with a dozen beautiful female dark elves.

The waves of cheers entered the hot spring.

“The Holy War? Fuck, we aren’t ready yet!”

That young man creased his eyebrows as he cursed, his figure shook and he directly disappeared.

The magnificent, luxurious and imposing imperial palace of the dark elves Palace, inside a small palace.

Great Mistress Shayenna was wearing a refined and revealing silver Changpao. Her pair of large milk-jugs as well as her pair of slender and elegant legs were faintly discernible in that revealing Changpao. She exuded a languid temperament from all over while reclining on a white tiger fur sofa. She was wantonly playing around with an 11 or 12 year old little female dark elf in her embrace, making that little female dark elf blush up to her ears while emitting strange sounds.

The young man from before pushed open the door, entered and sat beside Shayenna, he than said icily and with a gloomy face: “Shayenna, why do you want to start the Holy War now? We haven’t yet carried out all of the necessary preparations.

Shayenna said languidly: “Gris, this was the divine decree that our goddess passed down.”

“A divine decree! Fuck!” Once Gris heard that, he could only helplessly curse, he had to swallow every one of his interjections.

Races that possess faith in deities, can’t violate a divine decree. Even if Gris spoke out his many misgivings yet he definitely wouldn’t be able to persuade Shayenna. Shayenna also wouldn’t be able to violate the divine decree. Or else, she would loose the deity’s blessing as well as the deity’s unpredictably terrifying powers would bite her back, burning her to cinders.

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