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Chapter 57: Explosion

"Quickly! Quickly! Don’t go lazing around!"

In the supermarket, Zhou Shuli carried the gun and shouted to drive those who were kept by him. He asked these people to tidy up the food and then clean up the supermarket. The nearby zombie tide had been led away so he thought it was safe. There was a lot of food so he wanted to live here.

As for the people on the pick-up that lead away the zombies, he had forgotten about them. He didn`t care about these people and it was the same whether they came back or not. He preferred that they could not come back otherwise his food would be even less.

The man he killed was hanging at the door. A pool of blood had formed and attracted a lot of mosquitoes. He hung the body to scare the people here.

He wanted to make it clear to these people; he would kill them if they did not listen to him.

The G55 which Chu Han had used as a safeguard to block the zombie had been cleared out. The vehicle was washed and was now so clear. Beside some scratches and the broken window, the vehicle looked new.

The vehicle was so expensive and he could not afford it during the civilized times but now he could easily get it.

Zhou Shuli thought about Chu Han and cursed him in his heart. Shit! How coul he have such a high-end car and a beautiful woman?! But so what? All of these now belongs to him!

"Shit!" Zhou Shuli touched the scratch marks on the outside of the vehicle. He had deemed it as his and any scratch would make him unhappy, "How dare you scratch it?"

He would kill him when he met that guy again. He would cut him into several pieces and then fiercely fuck the beauty.

"What is that noise?!" Suddenly one person said fearfully as he looked around in panic.

They were sweating.

"Do it! Don’t be lazy!" Zhou Shuli kicked fiercely kicked him from behind. He even snatched his shoes as he thought the man`s back was very dirty. He was the only one that had the authority to use water and all people were not allowed to take a bath or even wash their clothes.

"There really are so many voices! So many!" The man did not even stop even after being kicked by Zhou Shuli. He ran around as he became even more fearful of the noise.

"Yes, yes, yes!" The other person also suddenly got scared.

"I also hear it"

"What`s that sound?"


"Ah ah ah! Zombies!"

"A tide of zombies! It`s definitely the sound of zombies!"

The supermarket suddenly became engulfed in panic as they felt they were just like ants on a pot. They tried to escape as the items they picked up were then scattered to the ground again. The food became dirty and messy after being stepped on by these people. The entire supermarket became so messy.

"Shut up!" Zhou Shuli shouted angrily.

Meanwhile, he held the gun and fired several gunshots. How dare these people betray him and destroy his things! The gun made the people apprehensive as the turned extremely quiet. They didn`t dare to make noises.

"Do you want to die?" He was angry and pointed his gun towards those people, "I said-- -"

Suddenly, he stopped with what he was saying.

Kaka! Kakaka!

A scary sound which they were extremely familiar with became louder and louder from afar. It became more and more messy. It was enough to cause someone to go deaf in just a matter of seconds.

It was a tide of zombies!

It was the sound made by a large group of zombies.

"There are zombies!" Zhou Shuli fearfully shouted and then he covered his mouth quickly. Next, he thought of something suddenly as kicked the people in front of him. He mercilessly and heavily kicked them. Even a teenage boy’s eyes were kicked off.

"Quick! Throw away the body hanging in the door. Throw it away!" He shouted crazily.

No one was brave enough to go out. There were zombies outside yet Zhou Shuli still asked them to throw the body. Zombies had a good sense of smell and

they would be bitten and then die, or worse, turn into a zombie!

All people looked at Zhou Shuli with poisonous eyes. They did not want to be torture until death by this asshole.

Fuck! Why did they have no guns?

"Don’t go?" Zhou Shuli’s expression became ferocious as he looked at the G55. He aimed his gun towards one of the stronger men, "You! Move everything! Quick! You and you guys, move everything! Move the food into the G55! Otherwise, I`ll just kill you all!"

Next, he said, "Move quickly and the rest of it will belong to you. You can then get inside the car. You guys want to escape? So do it quickly!" It was a good idea. The mass of people started to take action when they heard the chance to escape. A box of food was quickly thrown into the trunk.

Some people also carried some of the food to the other cars. Zhou Shuli had jumped into the driving position since he wanted to hurriedly get away from here! There were a mass of zombies coming from all sides of the street, quickly rushing towards the supermarket. There were a lot of them that they could hardly squeeze into the spacious streets. They rushed into the road and crashed on everything. The zombies on the edge were forced to walk along the wall. They did not feel pain as they still squeezed hard to get towards the supermarket.

You could not count the amount of zombies rushing towards Zhou Shuli and his group!

They were roaring so loudly that it almost even seemed to be the call of the death reaper`s scythe. Soon, they smelled the blood at the entrance. They excitedly roared as they moved towards it.

"Faster! Faster!" Zhou Shuli shouted and fired some shots. Shit! They were only trying to make a profit towards such situations! Dead people and fresh blood greatly stimulated the zombies. They quickly entered the supermarket as some of them rushed to bite the body hanging at the entrance.

The leg was torn off. Zombies clearly did not care about cleanliness and hygiene as they bit into the dirty toes.

Next, they pulled the organs out as something could still be seen inside the intestines. It was of a yellowish green color and it was very smelly. The zombies greatly longed for this kind of food as they were just too hungry.

Zhou Shuli was scared to death as he had to admit that he really was scared f zombie.


He could not wait to close the trunk`s door as he quickly stepped on the gas. The huge G55 rushed out and crashed towards several zombies. The vehicle easily got far away the supermarket.

The food inside the trunk fell out because of the sudden momentum as they scattered on the road. They lost all of the food, with nothing left. Zhou Shuli ignored it as he tried hard to quickly accelerate the vehicle. He was driving so fast, even crashing towards obstacles in the way. He was frightened to death. He had to run away and he must go to a place without zombies!

The rest of people escaped from the supermarket and many cars were driven out of the road. These cars crashed on the road filled with zombies.

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