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Chapter 53.1
Chapter 53 – Great Cheering after Magic Battle Day 2 – Part 1



The next day. The second day of the Magic Battle.

When I woke up in the morning, I was looking at Ena who was cleaning as usual when the urge to urinate came.

Because the potty was already in the baby room, she quickly took off my the pants of my pajamas and the diaper.
I can still endure. I feel like I could do it today!

I release it immediately after sitting down on the potty.




Thus, I was able to greet the celebration of the potty anniversary with satisfaction.

Potty training should be done until diaper can be securely removed.
My days of battles have just begun.



Just like yesterday, today’s plan is to watch the second day of the Magic Battle in the theater.
I change into the formal wear like yesterday…… rather, I’m changed into them.

The appearances are different this time, short sleeves dress shirt with a necktie. A small flower brooch on my chest. The skirt is girly and gorgeous tutu skirt. The fluffy, polka dot type.

It’s a female student style no matter how you look.
Speaking of formal wear, it would be the uniform…… I can’t slightly accept it, or rather, is it my imagination that these clothes feel familiar?

Both of the adults from the female camp have a tight pants suit.

Her usual updo hair is let loose today.

Annela Obaasama who is also wearing the pants suit has glasses today.


Rather, it’s my first time seeing glasses. I’m surprised that glasses exist in this world.
Even if they existed, I thought it would be only the one eye glasses――the so-called monocle that would exist, I didn’t think it would be the common type from my previous life.

Annela Obaasama wearing glasses is six times as magnificent and lovely.

To Obaasama shines too dazzlingly to be looked upon directly, I wanted to prostrate before her.
I can confidently say that the overly perfect Obaasama became even more perfect.

As for Ellie, the remaining girl of the female camp, should I say as expected or what, she’s wearing the same dress shirt and tutu skirt as me.

It’s the very picture of close sisters.

As if a phantom flowers bloomed in the background, she sits next to me with a lovely smile.

Speaking about the two men, Roland Ojiisama has a tailored jacket that fits his large stature.

Naturally, he’s not wearing a necktie. It’s strange that the formalness is oozing from the roughness.

Theo has dress skirt, necktie, and school pants.
There’s a brooch clinging to his chest, the pattern is that of a sapling. That’s most likely the Asherah tree.

When the six of us line up, it looks as if we were going to a school entrance ceremony.

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