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Chapter 54.2
Chapter 54 – Wee Prof. Lilianne’s Next Installment, k after Magic Battle Day 3


The next day. The third day of the tournament is a performance.

It’s said that the economics of the host country will be bustling enough to jump up to more than 40 times the usual for the three days.

When I consider that the capacity of baseball dome in the capital city of my previous life was 55000, it means it’s quite large.

And the Ovent Kingdom has the Silver Eye, using this magic tool, the image of the arena can be projected to various places, so even those who can’t go, can enjoy it.

The Magic Battle shows great excitement for the short period of three days.

The economic profit is so big, that it’s comparable to the entire national budget.
It’s not because the host is the Ovent Kingdom. The situation is similar to each host country, the economic effect caused by Magic Battle is terrific.

This is the summary of Obaasama’s explanation.

The contest of the last day――the performance, competes with the beauty of techniques and sorcery.
Elegance and splendor appropriate for the last day, it’s a contest worth seeing, perfect for ending the tournament.

But, I can’t see it, so it doesn’t look like I will enjoy myself today.

The arena is silent compared to the first and second day.
It would be difficult to enjoy it myself at this rate.



In a nutshell, today’s clothing is a full dress.
It must be because it’s the last day. Everyone is neatly dressed up.

My attire is, a unique balloon skirt swelling out from the waistline fluffily.

It might be made with materials of the different world.

The skirt line and the long belt have an impact, and there’s no need for further decoration.
My hair which recently grew longer has been collected in a big ribbon.

The big ribbon brings adorableness in the slightly adult-like dress.


Ellie corsage is different in color, and the position is reversed, but she has matching clothes as usual.

I know because I was told that the colors are different.

The two adults have the elegant type as well.
Ena has medium-mini style chiffon dress. The chiffon skirt extensively exposes her beautiful legs. Wearing a mini skirt under, Ena’s legs peeking from the slitted entrance stand out ev

en more.

If you look at the back, you will see a lace-up part, making it even sexier.
She’s wearing an unusual necklace in which I can see the flow of magical power. It’s apparently a magic tool. But, this also plays the part of Ena’s beauty.

To sum it up, a sexy Oneesama.
It’s different from Ena’s usual full dress sexy, but it’s overflowing. If she appeared on a party like this, the men wouldn’t leave her alone.


As for Annela Obaasama, it’s a halter neck ruffle dress.

Since it’s above the knee skirt, magical power not seen in any other people is flowing through her peeking legs.

The scarf she’s wearing brings out the elegance.

But, the appearances of the overall youthful dress…… Obaasama, please think of your age, it makes me want to tsukkomi…… but, there is, unfortunately, nothing to do because she’s looking good.


As for the two men…… they are wearing uninteresting military uniforms as expected.

Roland Ojiisama has a ceremonial military-like uniform with many decorations.

It looks like a type of clothing to wear when serving in the castle without wearing armor.
Because neat Theo looks like a really cool looking child, his gestures really look like that of a boy knight.

Maa, his face changed the moment he saw me, so that cool boy instantly disappeared.

Today, Ellie who learned from Annela Obaasama reboots Theo with a blow to the stomach, and we all move to the theater.

We move slowly to the theater as usual.

Just like on the second day, the servants are impatiently waiting while staring at the Silver Eye and discussing.
It’s unfortunate that I can’t see the picture, but when looking at everyone’s happy faces, I myself become happy, it’s strange.

The performance is not the same as the tournament, but they are marked after sequentially performing on the stage.

Techniques, sorcery, and all kinds of movements. That is the target for marking. The score will be apparently announced at the end. It seems it’s like that, so all participants give it their best.

With this, Claire entered all of the events.

But, that would be difficult according to Obaasama.

She also entered all three events in the previous tournament, but although she won the individual contest, she was disastrously defeated in the group battle.
And of the 32 teams participating, she ended in 17th place.

31 teams are participating in the performance this time.

The best of the four countries were chosen as judges, so fairness is expected.

The first team’s performance started right away.

Quiet high-speed footsteps and metallic sounds are audible from the Silver Eye. I hear only a dim sound of sorcery.
I knew it, but…… it’s the world I don’t quite understand just by hearing the sound.

15 Rin passed in a blink of an eye.
Cheering resounded around the theater after the performance, but only a little sigh could leave from my mouth.



Potty training advanced to a degree I was able to poop and pee in the potty a few times.

I actually understand, but this potty is high-performance.

Because I can’t do anything about the sound, everyone leaves the room before I sit on the potty. Ena and Annela Obaasama are helping so they stay behind, though.

As expected, it’s different from doing it in the diaper while being watched. My shame has greatly faded, but being seen is still embarrassing.

I who is still a toddler has no right to resist such things.

By the way, the term being seen may not be appropriate.
“Being cheered on” is correct. When they seat me, do your best! Do your best! It’s like that.

Thanks to that…… my sense of shame has returned!

But, however…… but, however…… I’m mentally 31 and half years old~!


Although there’s no one who understands me, I had to cry in my mind.



Today wasn’t that enjoyable, so I have been chopi, chopi absentmindedly drinking fruit water the whole time.
In order to do at least the potty training, drinking fruit water is the most I can do.

When the performance advances and it becomes the turn of my two parents, the tension from downstairs transmits.
All members in the box seat look at the Silver Eye with a serious expression.

A sound of a heavy metal being swung and a sharp sound tearing the sky. Sounds that appear to be the overlapping of sorcery, and a sound that seems to cut it resounds.

At the very end, the sound of storm and flames I heard the day before yesterday and some fiercely vigorous piercing sound.

Loud cheers of the arena and downstairs shake the theater and Theo and Ellie in the box seats do a standing ovation. Obaasama who’s holding me tightly shows even more gorgeous smile than usual. Ojiisama crosses his arms and says un, un while nodding.

Judging by everyone’s actions, it was a wonderful performance.

I was happy of my parent’s consideration, but that makes me even sadder that I can’t see.
I wonder how many times I thought that in the last three days……



When I returned for a plentiful afternoon nap after the lunch because of boredom, all participants in the performance were done and the score was announced.

It’s a rank that does not fit the excited standing ovation.

Both Obaasama and Ojiisama had no particular impressions towards that placement. They might think it’s an appropriate rank. Only the two showed mature reactions.


After that, a curtain fall ceremony or something happened.
A dignified, important-looking person was talking about something long, but we because showed signs of leaking in the middle, Ena has dashed with me to the guest room.


Putting a strain on the bladder is dangerous. Then, how do I endure?

I noticed after doing it. Ah, this is close to the bladder after all!




In the end, I could never make it on time in the past three days.
I just started my potty training recently, though.


Our battle has just begun!


Like this, all the stages of the Magic Battle safely finished.

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