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I was supposed to be slowly removing the obstacles, but Mira seemed somewhat unsatisfied after I embraced her.

It’s information I was able to obtain thanks to the unconcealable flow of magical power.

Mira has already experienced mofumofu twice.

I understand that it doesn’t work on everyone thanks to Kuti, but it was effective on her.

There should be plenty of opportunities to touch her as she’s my personal maid, but there are unexpectedly few.

That’s why I wasn’t able to understand until I have come to embrace her on my own like this.

But, I have understood.
I got to know.

The well-polished mission plan was to slowly remove the obstacles in the way of my objective and slowly fill the inside with poison.
The poison is naturally no different from a weakened magical power slowly and carefully mofumofued in, but there might be no need to take it slowly with her.

Right, my well-polished mission plan adapts to the situation. Troubles are a thing.
The best situation of the best situations.

But, I mustn’t be hasty.
Isn’t there a saying? Haste makes waste.

First, I must push forward with my mission plan.
Let’s execute the plan that was supposed to be done after removing the obstacles.


Not much time passed after I clung to Mira.

Reki-kun is inferior to Mira by a slim margin (only one or two steps), his fur is of the finest quality.
Brushing such Reki-kun is very important daily routine.

「Mira~ Please brush Reki-kun」

「…… Ah, yes, Ojousama」

Her magical power is closer to regret. I want that again, such request is plastered all over Mira. She, however, immediately acknowledged and came over.

She usually isn’t like that, but it can’t be helped today.

Well, I never made a mistake so far though.

The small brush that Mira received from me that adapted to her hand is a magic tool.
This is also Christophe House-made and one of the magic tools I selected as my favorites.

The structure of this brush magic tool is far more complex than that of the dust cloth magic tool Ena and others use instead of cleaner.

I still find it strange.

Just what is it composed of to make a magic fragment that is hard as crystal bend like that?
Magic fragments are truly profound.

As it’s used on the hair, there’s a dense formation of magic fragments packed with sorcery.
All of it is controlled by the handle part, but since sorcery is sealed in each of the bristles, it’s able of extremely high efficient actions.

For example, during the brushing.
It untangles entangled hair, removes dirt and dead hair, stimulates the growth of the new hair, stimulates the skin, and even improves the blood circulation.

But, it’s not just a matter of brushing.

Therefore, if you are to do it properly, you must start at the roots.
Brushing only the fur you can see won’t untangle the entangled hair and remove the hairballs.

But, there’s nothing to worry about with this magic tool.

It instantly softens the entangled hair and hairballs, making them easier to remove.
That’s why it’s fine to comb lightly.

This magic tool made for brushing allows even a two-year-old child like me to perform pleasant brushing, it’s a high-efficiency magic tool that has many more functions that would take several days to explain.

Thanks to that, Reki-kun is very pleased with the brushing, although not to the degree when I stroke him while clad in magical power.

His body is large, so it’s not like I can brush him whole, but I mainly brush the belly and the tail.

That being the case, Reki-kun’s tails is going to get brushed with his favorite brush #1 today as well.

Why the tail?

It’s not like Mira is hairy.

The possibility that there’s no hair on her belly is very high.

What about the request in the first place? Belly won’t work.

But, if it’s the tail, then Mira’s is already outside.

Truly wonderful.

「Reki-kun, does it feel good~?」

While humming in a cheerful mood, Mira politely brushes the tail of Reki-kun who is conscious of Mira who’s closer than usual.
Reki-kun is also in a good mood as he claps with his right forepaw on the ground.

「Reki-kun’s tail feels good after all~ Just like Mira’s tail, huh~」

Nonchalantly. Right, when I nonchalantly made that remark, I feel like I’ve heard Mira gulping.

Haste makes waste. Slow and steady wins the race.

While swaying my body left and right, the brushing of Reki-kun’s bushy tail continues.
You must not mind me that I’m standing restlessly right behind Mira.

When I look at Mira after Reki-kun’s brushing finished, there’s nothing on the surface as I thought.

It’s the usual Mira.

But, the fact is that the flow of magical power within her body is unusually eloquent.

Regret, expectations, and uneasiness mix together, making almost non-understandable emotion.

I might have been hurrying too much.
That’s why I decided to advance with the plan.

「I will do it to Mira too~」

「Y, yes! …… ah, ho, however…… umm……」


She replied instantly as a starving dog attracted by food, but she faltered immediately after.

Well, she must think that it’s not good for the master to be brushing her personal maid’s tail.

It’s fine so let me touch you already.

Opsy, not good. Stay cool.
A gentleman with a bad reputation nearly appeared. There, there, there’s no need to be getting impatient. Ahahaha.

「Mira~ quickly~」

「Y, yes…… u, umm…… h, here you go……」

The somewhat hesitating Mira glanced at Obaasama and confirmed that she nodded in consent, so she turned around and presented me her bushy tail.

Now then, it’s time for the festival to begin~!
Staying cool doesn’t have anything to do with me~!

The moment I saw the treat served in front of me, deliberately being careful, going easy because it has been a while, it became difficult to uphold such thoughts.

I mean, the finest quality Tail-sama appeared in such close proximity in such unladylike appearances just for me.

From there――putting irrelevant sorceries I have learned during the lessons and Kuti-made perception inefficiency sorcery――I made sure to prepare a camouflage that would allow me to do even that grandly in an instant.

I threw away the brush I was supposed to do the brushing with and decided to dive in like a certain grandchild burglar.
Although it was dive, I just jumped at the tail.

Obaasama and Ena can see, so it would be nearly impossible to use sorcery without using the perception inefficiency first.

Anyhow, you wouldn’t understand until you touch it.

From outside, Mira is seen as if her tail was normally brushed.
But, as a matter of fact…… she’s a charming female who’s restraining moans escaping from her lips with her body convulsing.

By the way, the sounds are camouflaged too, so there wouldn’t be a problem even if she burst out shouting.

She can’t escape from the Great Demon King.


When my hazy consciousness returned, there were many no good things.

Sani sensei who properly saw that scene had a face cramp, Kuti was somewhat hazily floating on a cloud with both of her hands over her face, but she saw perfectly fine through the gaps of her fingers.
That haze was surely pink.

I was feeling refreshed and in a complete sage mode, I clearly understood after calming down.

Of course, I’m in a body of a two years old girl, so I’m not talking about the sexual that. But, it’s important.

Mira’s consciousness also skipped, so I decided to clean up the mess I was guilty of first.

With the use of perception inefficiency sorcery and vision camouflage sorcery, I can use as much wonderful sorcery as I want.

Well, there are several drawbacks so it’s necessary to meet several conditions first, but there’s currently no problem.

I still don’t understand well such body and soul sorcery, so I can’t use it yet.

The psychokinesis-like sorcery is also Kuti-made. I’m also unable to use this yet. My range of actions would increase considerably if I could use this, but Kuti considers this same as offensive sorcery, so it seems to be a long way before I can learn it.

I have been brushing Mira’s tail from slightly before Mira’s consciousness returned. Therefore, when Mira noticed that, she immediately started panicking, but I feigned ignorance.

Bashfulness, enjoyment, satisfaction, doubts, she’s a complete mess.

But, I feign ignorance.
I nonchalantly finish brushing her tail and when I release her with a sweet smile, even while confused, Mira politely thanked me.

Even though her flow of magical power is still incredible, regret and unsatisfaction completely disappeared.

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