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The completely restrained Lacria was politely, carefully, and thoroughly mofumofued, incomparably to Jenny.

No, rather than mofumofu, it might be better to call this an experiment.

As a result, while savoring and studying, Lacria has been thoroughly mofumofued.

When I noticed, Lacria’s state has become indescribable, but she showed a feminine face of endless satisfaction.
Such expression while being completely restrained was bizarre, but I dealt with it as if nothing happened and breathed life into the trembling Lacria.

Lacria whose memory went flying for a bit was frightfully listless, but she had a wonderful smile and skin similar to Jenny, no her complexion became far shinier than that.

I never thought that it would have an aesthetic effect like that, but I changed my back after remembering that there are still many things I don’t understand yet in this Christophe House.

Selecting a sacrifice for the test would be very difficult.

Naturally, it’s not possible to perform it on my family.

If…… if it showed a similar effect……
It might be good not to think about it. The brain needs a rest, yeah.

My personal maid Lacria who is trained and possesses tremendous stamina was walking unsteadily.
I thought it would be bad for her to continue working, so I requested Obaasama to give Lacria a break for today to which she agreed.

Mira was the one who substituted her, but she understood what occurred from Lacria’s disastrous state, letting out the sound of her saliva being gulped down.

The extremely expecting flow of magical power proved it.

Although nothing appears on the surface, you are way too honest, Mira.

Nija still remains after all.

The plan is important.


With heart throbbing in expectations while not showing any emotions on my face, I review the anti-Nija plan who is apparently the most formidable enemy while watching Mira.

Still, even after hearing about today’s Lacria’s disastrous state, I don’t expect her to become as Mira who is expecting to has her tail disheveled anytime soon.

So far, I have disregarded the difference in races and used strong magical powers during the mofumofu.

However, I have an uneasiness to what will happen if she could actually resist even that.

No, my goal is not to bring all of my personal maids down, so I can’t say that it’s a problem.

In that case, there shouldn’t be a problem.

I must not expect the same excessive reaction Lacria showed today.

I ought to control it properly.

From now on, there will probably be heaps of unladylike beastmen girls before me, so I swore in my heart to properly control myself. Maybe.

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