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Luo Aiyu was a sociable person.

At least Ren Ziling thought that was how Luo Aiyu regarded herself to be.

"Oh, Ms. Ren is so beautiful, and successful in her career. What an admirable lady you are!"

She was dressed in an old-fashioned style, the hair was probably cut in some nearby county barbershop, which was neither better nor worse. Apparently, she deliberately dressed up but they seemed not to match anyways.

"Well… can I stand over here? I will probably look slimmer like this." Luo Aiyu fiddled with her hairdo, "And, Ms. Ren, I hope that the report can highlight all the best parts of this resort. I paid a large sum of money to refurbish it. It’d be a pity of it no one sees it."

Was it necessary for this resort to exist? Even though it was said near to the touristic area, Ren Ziling felt she was tricked.

She should not be greedy for small advantages. If she travelled alone to this resort to write the travel guides, she would probably be worry-free.

"Landlady, move over here a little bit. Good, right there. Good, good."

Well, this way, she wouldn’t hide the seaview outside. As to the person… She won’t appear in the photo of the report.

"Lizi, give me the 70-200mm lens."

"No problem!"

The hostess felt very pleased suddenly. Seeing this Miss Ren coming from the big city installing the long lens, the professionalism made her think that it was worthy to pay the such a heart-aching high price!

But Ren Ziling stopped now, watching through the lens, "What the hell is that boy doing there?"

Luo Aiyu gave a start, turning back to have a look. As she saw the long bench on the grass, she frowned and said, "Excuse me, let me head over and see."

She didn’t explain it clearly, just walking immediately out of the room.

"Sister Ren, should we go follow her?" Lizi asked.

Ren Ziling shook her head, "No. Let’s walk around and take photos. Let me try finishing the draft, then we can enjoy the remaining time!"

"Sounds perfect!"

The paper was full of irregular lines due to scribblings. In the end, it turned into a huge vortex.

The old man kept drawing circles, ‘I can’t recall’ was constantly repeating from his mouth.

"Sorry, sorry!"

Right then, the landlady walked quickly towards Luo Qiu, asking hurriedly, "Guest, did he do anything to you?"

"Will he?" Luo Qiu asked Luo Aiyu.

Luo Aiyu took a glance at the old man and the messy paper, being assured before faking a smile, "No, no! He’s just an old man, and has some cognitive disorder, so sometimes he doesn’t recognize people, but he would never hurt anyone!"

"Alzheimer disease?"

Luo Aiyu was stunned… what did he say?

Luo Qiu then said faintly, "I mean Senile Dementia."

Luo Aiyu nodded, sighing with bitterness, "Alas, it has been years and becoming more and more severe these days. It isn’t easy looking after him. I got married to this place, but have to take care of my husband, the old, and the young, along with this resort… Ah, this time, I want to see if your report can bring the dead back to life. Or we might starve after the New Year! Can you give me a hand?

Luo Qiu was not interested in the landlady’s chatter--- He could feel something from the contrast between the husband’s indifferent manner and the wife’s enthusiasm.

"It’s very windy here." Luo Qiu stood up, smiling, "Take the grandpa back then… Actually, this place isn’t bad, at least I like the tranquility here."

"Oh… OK."

Luo Aiyu nodded.

She didn’t know high officials, noble lords or influential relatives. The highest official she ever met was the village secretary. However, this young man made her feel more pressured than seeing that village secretary.

She did as he instructed unwittingly.

Luo Qiu had gone far.

But he could still hear the voice at the back.

"Stand up! Old fart! Don’t terrify my guest! You even peed here? My god! What did I do in my last life to have met you, old fart! Stand up! Stop drawing. You should be caught and eaten by the sea monster! Stand up…"

"Song, legend…" Luo Qiu went back to his room, closing the window. He sat on the recliner by the window, looking at the grey sky.

His phone was turned on.

The strange rhythm Lizi played in the car was heard again.


The lightning flashed above the sea.

"Yiyun, Yiyun!"

As she pulled him back to the resort, Luo Aiyu called her daughter.

But she saw her husband sitting at the counter, drinking beer with a straight face.

The daughter rushed out after hearing the call, "What’s wrong, mum?"

Luo Aiyu pulled her aside, asking secretly, "What is your father doing? Why isn’t he working? The day hasn’t turned dark, why is he drinking beer?"

Lui Yiyun peeped at her father, saying, "The most beautiful lady in the group asked me to take her to the kitchen, then…"

"Why?" Luo Aiyu frowned, "Is she afraid that our kitchen is not clean?"

Lui Yiyun mumbled, "No, she said she wanted to prepare the food and asked dad to take a rest. Then they had a quarrel. And… after that miss showed her cutting skills, dad walked out and drank the beer in silence."

Luo Aiyu gaped. Even though her husband had weak working ability but when it came to cooking, nobody else could compete with him in this neighb

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