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When it was almost dusk, dark clouds spread from the sea to here, then followed by a rainstorm.

When it came to dinner time, everybody gathered at the refurbished dining hall that used to be the living room.

There were merely 3 round tables separated by little screens. The dining hall that was painted grey seemed pretty simple and crude. But the delicious cuisine had bottled Ren Ziling and Lizi’s mouths.

However, no matter how much tasty food there was, it couldn’t completely stop them from talking… because You Ye was not there.

Ren Ziling who hadn’t had a good talk for the whole day wanted to have a thorough understanding of You Ye at the dining table!

"She’s under the weather, resting in the room now," Luo Qiu said.

"Under the weather?" Ren Ziling looked at Luo Qiu doubtfully with concern, "Did she get sunstroke? Is it serious? Let’s check on her."

"No need. Let her take a nap." Luo Qiu shook his head.

The true reason was that You Ye didn’t have the ability to eat… And it’d be a hassle to clean out what she ate.

Lui Yiyun who was serving the final dish overheard the conversation and said without realizing, "Is that lady tired? After all, she just cooked a lot of food."

How much?

At the place rich in seafood, the dining table was filled with sashimi, seafood soup, shrimp, steamed basa, sea snail, and home-made pan-fried mountain delicacies---Besides that, she worked hard on garnishing.

This table full of dishes that could be seen in a Michelin-starred restaurant appeared in the simple dining room, Lui Yiyun felt that it was too surreal.

She could more or less understand her father’s sense of powerlessness.

"What? All of these are made by You Ye alone?" Ren Ziling revealed a stupefied look!

The girl smiled, "Yeah! We shouldn’t let the guests to cook by themselves but that lady insisted to do it by herself."

Ren Ziling’s eyes kindled with excitement. She used chopsticks to pick up a bar of sashimi and put it into her mouth. It turned out well with mashed white turnip even without dipping in soybean sauce or wasabi.

The layers of fats and flesh of the sashimi were evenly spread as if being measured. One could taste the sweetness of fats mixed with the freshness of the fish, along with a hint of spiciness and coolness from the white turnip like snow thawed in the mouth.

Ren Ziling couldn’t help shutting her eyes, revealing a fascinated look.

She suddenly opened eyes widely, "This daughter-in-law, I’ll marry her for sure…Oh, no, you must marry her!"

Apparently, she was bribed by a table of dishes.

Luo Qiu looked at the retarded Ren Ziling, throwing a peeled shrimp into her bowl.

Ren Ziling got used to his behavior since long ago. She rolled her eyes, "Do you want to bottle my mouth?"

Luo Qiu pretended as if he didn’t hear it, turning attention to Lui Yiyun, "Where are the boss and his wife? We can’t finish it all, let’s eat together… Oh, and that old man."

Lui Yiyun shook her head, "My father went out… and my mum is tired and having rest in her room. As to my grandpa, he isn’t used to eating with other people."

She couldn’t say that they just finished quarrelling. She sighed and definitely wished that her family could enjoy the dinner together.

"Is anyone there? Is there anyone home?"

Suddenly, someone called from outside.

A man about 28 came in. His clothes were wet and was carrying a black leather case.

He had a hasty appearance.

"Alas, fortunately, I found a hotel in such an isolated place."

Lui Yiyun took the youth to the dining hall, letting him seat at the next table so that he could greet the others since the helper had finished work and gone back home before the rain started to pour down.

"Sir, this is a resort, not a hotel," Lui Yiyun said cautiously.

The young man had dyed his hair blonde, wearing a waistcoat. There was a Kylin tattoo on his left arm--- and an earstud.

Such appearance gave the girl living in this peaceful place a shock. Lui Yiyun dared not to get close to him.

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