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TL: Mikan
Editor: Hamlin

Volume 02: If you're not gay when you’re young, you’ll regret it when you’re old.

Chapter 02

It wasn’t easy for him to accept the feeling of being a specimen at all, especially when Ling Xia realized that he didn’t have a single thread covering his body.

It was very clear that this body didn’t disappear like its owner’s spirit had and didn’t stay the same. A youthful figure had already begun to appear. The four limbs had become flexible and slender, and the proportions were also very perfect. The only flaw was that this body was too thin and weak, because it didn’t exercise or bask in sunlight for a long time. Furthermore, the skin was also really moist and fair, to the point that it simply was suitable enough to be played on like a piano……

Mentally associating that to how there were young girls fiercely and maliciously calling the cannon fodder character——a pure hearted sissy of a saint, Ling Xia felt like he was on pins and needles. He really wished he could immediately jump out and let the sun scorch him, so that his skin would become a healthy wheat like color sooner, and he really wished he could exercise until he had muscles that burst with sex appeal.

Cannon fodder characters had their dignity too, okay?

A Li had clearly been guarding Ling Xia every day. Seeing that Ling Xia had woken up, its amber eyes immediately became wide and round, and it hurriedly jumped up onto the vessel's wall. Excitedly, its long ears moved quickly in flashes of movement, and it whimpered for a bit, with whimpers that sounded like those a kitten would make.

Ling Xia, separated by the liquid, faced towards it and smiled in such a way that even his eyes and eyebrows curved.

Since he had transmigrated back over here again, he should just continue trying hard to change and adapt to his situation, then.

Plus, he definitely needed to get better as quickly as possible, find Yu Zhijue and Song Xiaohu, and tell them that he's alright!

By the time that Ling Xia could support himself with the vessel's wall in order to sit up and move around freely, three to four days had already passed.

The masked man had simply, concisely, and roughly explained their current situation. In those years where he had temporarily protected Ling Xia's heart meridian that had still had some life left in it, the masked man had departed, carrying him and A Li along, in order to avoid the manhunt from the people of the Shaoyang Sect.

When Ling Xia heard this, he was both touched and ashamed. He wasn't unaware of how much the masked man in the novel had feared inconveniences. The protagonist had only stayed with him for a little more than a month too, before he just quietly left. Right now, he had unexpectedly brought this burdensome him with him for a full four years……he was especially worried about those two kids right now.

He sized up the scenery outside and asked: "In that case, Senior, where are we right now?"

Currently, they were located on the side of a cliff. The quality of the vegetation and stones on the mountain outside was very different from that of Chongming City.

"Holy Maiden Peak." The masked man carelessly said, "Otherwise, where would I go to find people to mend your damaged heart meridian?"

Ling Xia was immediately very alarmed. Holy Maiden Peak? Wasn't that already separated from Shaoyang Sect by a distance of ten thousand Chinese miles? Also, Holy Maiden Peak was the exact reason that Yu Zhijue's personality became twisted……

It was important to know that the women that the Yunü Sect of Holy Maiden Peak taught were deceptive and conformist, for the sake of respecting the Holy Maiden. It was said that the sect's founders hated ungrateful men the most, so the successive generations of Holy Maidens were not allowed to marry. If other disciples wanted to get married, that man needed to pass the current sect's three layered trials.

Holy Maiden Peak had the strongest medical techniques in all of this other world, but if a man came to ask for a cure, he simply wouldn't even reach the summit if he didn't pass all kinds of hurdles and ordeals.

Yu Zhijue's mother was the former Holy Maiden, Yu Linglong, who had been sullied by the great devil of the dark art cultivators. This just made many in the Yunü Sect loathe men even more. In Yu Zhijue's childhood, when he was growing up in this place, he had been constantly beaten and scolded by a group of extremely freaky women, but the only thing that could be called weird was that he could grow up normally until now.

Although he felt many different variations of resentment towards the Yunü Sect, Ling Xia still became emotional. Because, the goddess-like existence in his heart, the adorable girl Mu Rongxue, was exactly here!

Yes, Mu Rongxue was precisely the current Holy Maiden of the Yunü Sect. Mn, later on in the novel, a person who changed the Yunü Sect naturally appeared, and that was just—the protagonist!

So his goddess also became a member of protagonist-kun’s harem, even returning to the protagonist to die by the villain’s hand when fighting……Ling Xia was internally crying.

Somewhat failing to sense Ling Xia’s mood, the masked man continued to speak: “The very person who mended your heart meridian was the current Holy Maiden, Mu Rongxue.”

H-his goddess saw his naked body?! Ling Xia’s face briefly heated up, and his heart wildly thumped. Ashamed, he wished he could crouch in the corner and draw circles.

The masked man lied down and closed his eyes as he spoke, “Oh, there’s still one more thing. Because only mending your heart meridian wouldn’t be enough if I wanted to save you, I also added a few things into her prescription. Make sure you don’t let people find out that your blood has the ability to cure and power things up."

Ling Xia still wasn’t finished being emotional before he was suddenly stunned: “What?”

The masked man lazily said: “You never woke up, so in the last three years I just used the methods of refining Human Medicines. See, didn’t you wake up? Haha, kid, don’t make that kind of expression……with your current physique, if you cultivated spiritual power, you’ll be cultivating faster than before by several times. Isn’t that very good?”

Ling Xia was already almost about to cry. Fuck, of course he knew what a deceptive thing like a Human Medicine was!

The great villain once failed an operation when he and the protagonist both staked their lives in a fight where neither side won, resulting in his muscle meridian becoming completely broken. His loyal and beautiful female subordinate spent a lot of effort to catch a Human Medicine who was living in seclusion in a valley to save him and treat his injury. Not only did the blood of a Human Medicine allow people to increase their power, but its curing capabilities were also even better by a notch than the Jade Void Pill, the hardest panacea to refine.

In the novel, how the great villain slowly used his slender finger to gracefully lift up the Human Medicine’s chin and used his pure white and neat teeth to bite down on his neck, completely sucking that poor man’s flesh dry little by little, was very meticulously described!

And those girls who completely destroyed their worldviews, outlooks on life, and morals could only stare at the pictures people drew and loudly shout, “Come suck my blood, great villain!” and “Little Yu’s so cute! The villain’s the best!”

But that group of ignorant girls! Who could understand the sorrowful mood of a cannon fodder character who became a Pepino melon[1]? He definitely didn’t want his flesh to be sucked dry by someone!

Ling Xia practically wanted to cry, but he had no tears. Even his excited mood that was caused by his desire to see a glimpse of his goddess had been annihilated.

This one wanted to cultivate and cultivate! This one wanted to become stronger and stronger!

Whoever wants to suck this one’s blood, be careful, because this one wants your life!

When the masked man went up to ask for a cure, he crashed through the Yunü Sect’s highest ranked Nine Palaces Eighteen Formations, but he was not allowed to enter the main summit of Holy Maiden Peak either. Someone would only send the masked man the various kinds of medicinal ingredients that he needed at a specific time.

In the time that they talked, a beautiful girl who was covered in pure white all over distantly stood outside the door with an expressionless face and said: “Senior, I put the medicinal ingredients at the doorway.”

Ling Xia walked out to take them, politely nodded his head, and smiled: “Many thanks, young lady.”

That girl glanced at him face to face. Her face seemed to redden a little, but she very quickly recovered her expressionless look: “So the son already woke up. In that case, I’ll go back and report to the sect leader, the Holy Maiden, and send Senior and the son off the mountain.”

She spoke very quickly as she sent her well wishes, and her footsteps as she left were clearly not as steady as they were when she came over.

Once Ling Xia saw an inverted image in the fresh water, he realized why that girl blushed. It was because his current appearance was already very different from before. Originally, this shell of a body wasn’t bad, but now the inexperienced and slightly juvenile appearance of this youth had already completely grown up. The outline of his face was rather prominently gentle, his nose was handsome, tall, and straight, his two eyes were black like drops of lacquer, and his appearance when he smiled was thirty to forty percent similar to this one's appearance.

Just, that skin that let everyone seem feminine and like a sissy……Ling Xia wildly rushed out without the slightest hesitation. He practiced the basic essentials of cultivating one's body that the masked man passed on to him one at a time under the scorching sun, only practicing until he was gasping for breath.

A Li looked on as he laid on his stomach on the ground out of boredom, narrowing his eyes as he comfortably basked in the sun.

The work efficiency of Holy Maiden Peak was clearly very high, as they very quickly just had two approximately thirty year old female disciples come to send two people off the mountain. Both of the two women gazed fixedly, with their bodies wearing white clothes and their faces having the exact same flat expression that didn't even ripple.

The corner of Ling Xia's mouth tugged. From childhood, Yu Zhijue was exactly raised until he was grown by these women who were just like robots?

He felt some slight disappointment from not being able to see Mu Rongxue, but Holy Maiden Peak and Chongming City were separated by ten thousand Chinese miles after all. He felt some resistance to coming here for one trip and not seeing the goddess in his mind a few times, as he still hadn't expressed his thanks to her face.

But it was comparatively less, as he certainly was more concerned about those two children, especially Yu Zhijue. In the time of four years, what appearance would that child grow up into again? When he sees how he himself was still alive, would he or would he not be very pleasantly surprised? Furthermore, linking back to the deceptive plot later in the novel, it was also necessary for him to use the fastest speed to rush back……

Down Holy Maiden Peak, the masked man handed over a chain to Ling Xia: "This is an eighth ranked space chain that I refined. You won't attract attention when you wear it on yourself. In addition, there are things that I set aside for you inside. Also, I made an appointment with other people, so A Li will be left to you first. I believe that you'll treat it well."

Ling Xia couldn't help but be surprised. Did this mean the masked man wanted to leave him? A Li was also expressionless, with its amber colored eyes showing a burst of bewilderment.

The masked man looked at the sad and reluctant to part appearance of this one man and this one beast before his eyes, and slightly smiled: "We'll have a reunion one day in the future. Cultivate well, you, don't go and have your blood sucked by people, and return this chain to me when the time comes. A Li, you follow Ling Xia and obediently listen to what he says, and you mustn't randomly utilize your real body."

Ling Xia heard the preceding sentence and made an embarrassed face, but when he heard the sentence afterwards, he was just sad: "Senior, to this day, I still don't know who you are……"

"Living in this world, what importance does both a name and a surname have?" The masked man laughed heartily and said, "You know who I am, so forget it."

Ling Xia seemed somewhat thoughtful, nodding his head. He naturally would eternally remember who this nameless masked man in the novel is.

A Li didn't agree to a contract with the masked man at all, yet it was also reluctant to part with him now. It only jumped on top of Ling Xia's shoulder after it rubbed against his face for a short period of time.

The masked man turned around without the slightest hesitation, and in a blink of an eye, his body already appeared at a distant place.

"Master!" Ling Xia couldn't help but shout out a sound. Although he exactly knew from the start that this masked man didn't accept empty wishes and also never suggested that he had to be respected as a master, in his heart, he actually already considered him as his own master early on.

The masked man was clearly provoked into stopping for a moment by this title, and after that, he just ran even faster. His white hair colored like snow flashed under the sunshine, and in practically a flash of movement, he just disappeared.


Ling Xia held A Li as he went down the mountain. In this world, there were very few people who had seen a seventh ranked magic beast Snow Flame with their own eyes, so occasionally, because A Li was cute, there were pedestrians sizing it up with a glance. However, contrary to expectation, their eyes didn't show any peculiar expression.

The space inside the chain that the masked man set aside for Ling Xia was one hundred percent huge. Because a hidden energy stone was added, even if you were an expert at device refinement, if you didn't go through precise detection, you would also be unable to find its clever location.

There were also very many things inside, clearly collected and arranged carefully by the masked man. Not only did it have various kinds of materials pertaining to device refinement, household utensils, and books, but it also had cultivation books pertaining to spiritual power and energy elements, various kinds of spiritual herb seeds that were gathered, and even a large quantity of every different region's energy currency too.

Clearly, maybe the masked man just began preparing these the instance he awakened.

Ling Xia was both emotional and sad. This outwardly restrained and inwardly passionate master……still didn't treat and also regard him himself as a disciple?

To guard against contingencies, Ling Xia specially bought an eye-catching and low level storage bag and hung it between his waist. In the inside, he put some energy currency.

The road was distant, but fortunately, there was still A Li to accompany him. Except for the times that he hurried down the road and the times that he rested in the evening, he was always diligently cultivating.

Although Human Medicines were abused as people treated them like Tang Seng's flesh[2], accordingly, cultivating spiritual power and energy elements would really become easier as well.

Ling Xia simultaneously carried on with studying spiritual power and studying how to lead around the energy elements inside his body. When he thoroughly left the domain of Holy Maiden Peak, he already had a small amount of experience.

He carefully advanced towards the region of the Shaoyang Sect. There were three to four sects of all sizes between Holy Maiden Peak and Chongming City, which was also just equivalent to a few countries lying in between. In addition, there was also a sheet of ocean.

In those years, when Yu Zhijue ran away from Holy Maiden Peak, he was only seven or eight years old. He was a very small kid, so how did he walk by so many countries alone, wandering to the small town that was ten thousand Chinese miles outside?

Ling Xia stroked A Li's head while lost in thought, wishing that he could immediately be able to see that child.

[1] Eating a Pepino melon would let you live for 47,000 years.

[2] Eating Tang Seng’s flesh would grant you immortality.

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