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"Impossible. Although our Clear Lunar Island does not often interact with the Myriad God Ridge, we have heard that the Myriad God Sect Master is an elder quite advanced in age. How can that be you!?"

Jing Yuesha found it unbelievable. Although she did not make an effort to be up to date on matters regarding the Myriad God Sect Master, she had heard others describe him as an old man that was on his deathbed. His body had a cadaveric air to it, as though he was half a step in a coffin. That description stood in stark contrast with the youth in front of her.

"There was a change of personnel. Is there a need for you to ask something so obvious?"

Yi Yun no longer spoke courteously towards the arrogant girl.

"Change of personnel…" Jing Yuesha stuttered. Why did Yi Yun make it sound as simple as switching chefs at a restaurant?

"You are only at the Dao Palace realm and you can't be more than three hundred years old, right? Even if the Myriad God Ridge wanted to replace its sect master, it shouldn't have switched to a disciple as young as you. How can you become the Myriad God Sect Master?"

Jing Yuesha's cultivation level was lower than Yi Yun's but she could still easily determine his cultivation level. She could even roughly gauge a Supremacy's cultivation level as well.

She could tell that Yi Yun was only at the eighth-storey Dao Palace. Based on the cultivation speed of Clear Lunar Island's personal disciples, the eighth-storey Dao Palace could be attained at the age of three to four hundred. That was way too young for a sect master.

Yi Yun was frustrated by Jing Yuesha's continuous questioning. "Did you only come to meet me to ask how I became sect master? As the Myriad God Sect Master, I'm your senior. Yet, you keep doubting your senior. Did the Clear Lunar Island not teach you etiquette or the need to respect your elders?"


Jing Yuesha was dumbstruck by Yi Yun's tirade. When she toured the world on experiential training, she met members of the opposite sex that were her age. They yearned to exchange a few more words with her and even if she said something nasty, they would gladly endure it. Yet, Yi Yun was directly reprimanding her. She had never experienced such nastiness from a member of the opposite sex, so she was instantly fuming and aggrieved.

Yi Yun looked up to glance at Jing Yuesha. He could tell that the girl had been smoothly sailing through her entire life. She had been placed on a pedestal and was accustomed to being aloof. Yi Yun did not necessarily dislike such girls, but he would not be controlled by one either.

"You speak to elders in such a tone immediately upon meeting them. Is this how you behave in front of your Clear Lunar Island's Island Lord? Just a while ago, you demonstrated your understanding of etiquette by saying that my Myriad God Ridge's disciples do not abide by the rules. So why did you not bow to me when you met me?"

Jing Yuesha was close to tears from her anger. The most frustrating thing was that he had used her own words against her. And worse, she had no way to rebut.

Upon seeing Jing Yuesha's expression, Yi Yun suddenly felt that being the sect master of Myriad God Ridge had its perks. At the very least, he could teach others a lesson with firm reason.

Jing Yuesha's face turned red from the short exchange with Yi Yun. She could not utter another word and she felt that, in front of Yi Yun, she would only be bullied into a frustrated punching bag.

She was now certain that Yi Yun was the Myriad God Sect Master. It would be impossible for him to pretend to be the sect master for so long. If he were a fake, the true Myriad God Sect Master would have exposed him by now. This baffled her. How did a junior become revered by the other Myriad God Ridge Elders?

The Myriad God Ridge was truly crazy to choose a young punk as sect master. At this rate, it probably wouldn't take long for them to collapse!

"Sect Master Yi, please calm down. Don't tease Yuesha any longer. It was impolite of her to question your identity. I apologize on her behalf," said Jing Yueping lightly.

Her tone was naturally defensive of Jing Yuesha. There was also no need for forcing Jing Yuesha to bow to Yi Yun as she would definitely not let her own martial niece suffer such a grievance.

Yi Yun stopped pressing the issue when Jing Yueping spoke out. He asked, "Alright then, what did you come here for?"

"It had to do with the Heavenly South Peaks Meet, but now that I see the youthful and uninhibited heroic spirit of Sect Master Yi, I believe you would not be interested in joining."

"Oh? What's the Heavenly South Peaks Meet?" asked Yi Yun casually.

Jing Yueping was left taken aback by Yi Yun's question. This Myriad God Sect Master did not even know of the Heavenly South Peaks Meet?

What sort of sect master was he? Although the Calm Sea factions did not typically participate in the Heavenly South Peaks Meet, it was something that he should have at least heard of.

Jing Yueping disdained Yi Yun in secret but politely explained, "The Heavenly South Peaks Meet is a grand meet held in the Heavenly South Great World. This meet has many events. Most important of all is the meeting between the Heavenly South Great World and the authority figures of the surrounding Great Worlds' factions. There will be Dao discussions and martial sparring. Together, the profundity of the martial laws will be probed."

"There will also be a treasure exchange. Every party will obtain what they need and help to supply each other's needs."

"Other than that, there is an important itinerary. The young disciples of the various large sects will spar. The ultimate winner will be given handsome rewards. This is something that all sect masters of major factions will be invited to watch. They will act as judges, as well as give some pointers to the younger generation."

Jing Yueping finished her explanation. After listening to the itinerary of the Heavenly South Peaks Meet, Yi Yun figured out her goal in seeking him.

She had been planning to invite him to be a judge at the Heavenly South Peaks Meet's martial contest. They could also participate in the treasure exchange and even give lectures on the Dao.

To the Heavenly South Great World, the Calm Sea was relatively small. Although the Clear Lunar Island was participating in the meet, it felt it was lacking when compared to the larger factions of the Great Worlds. It wanted to rope in the Myriad God Ridge, making it appear mightier. If not, be it at the treasure exchange or the Dao lectures and martial sparring, they might be overshadowed by the local sects of the Heavenly South.

But for them to come to the Jade Emperor Palace with such plans only to see the true Myriad God Sect Master, Yi Yun, they must’ve had a string of expletives running through their heads.

How could such a young fellow participate in the Heavenly South Peaks Meet? How could he be a judge? How could he lecture on the Dao or spar? Wouldn't it only make others laugh their heads off?

It was no wonder Jing Yueping had described him as being youthful and having an uninhibited heroic spirit, giving her reason to believe that he would not be interested in joining.

When he realized this, Yi Yun noticed Jing Yueping's solemn expression. She did not give it away, but Yi Yun knew that the old woman was probably cursing at all his ancestors. When she returned to Clear Lunar Island, just Jing Yuesha alone would probably make what had happened today a huge joke, much less Jing Yueping. The turn of events will likely be described vividly to the bevy of girls in Clear Lunar Island.

The disdain and criticism for him were inevitable. From Yi Yun's point of view, women had a gossipy nature. It was the same even for female cultivators. Furthermore, Clear Lunar Island was a place where men did not step foot in. He could only imagine how much gossip prevailed among the women.

"I wonder how they would demonize me."

Yi Yun found it amusing.

At that moment, Jing Yueping wished to stay there no longer. She did not wish to waste her time on a young punk, so she said, "I have long heard of the deep heritage the Myriad God Ridge has and its potency. Today has truly broadened my horizons. Sect Master Yi, you are truly an extraordinary young hero. If there's nothing else, I'll bid you farewell. It was truly quite a worthwhile trip to see Sect Master Yi's fine grace."

After Jing Yueping finished her words, she planned to leave without even staying for tea. Yi Yun naturally could tell, however, that 'young hero' and 'fine grace' were just sarcastic remarks. But did not mind that. He said, "Fairy Ping, don't be in such a hurry to leave. Aren't you here to invite me to join you at the Heavenly South Peaks Meet? I'm actually rather interested. Being a judge or whatnot sounds fun. When does the Heavenly South Peaks Meet begin? I would like to get in on the action."

He could ignore the discussion of the Dao and the sparring, or the martial arts competition among the younger disciples. But Yi Yun was rather interested in the exchange.

As it was an exchange held by the Heavenly South Great World, it was possible that there would be all sorts of stunning divine treasures available.

Yi Yun also needed many rare materials to further his cultivation in the Dragon Emperor Technique. He was certain he could find a portion of what he needed at the exchange.

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