Princess Medical Doctor summary:

She is the Crown Prince’s fiancee, but on the night of their wedding, an edict was made and she was given off to marry the crippled and paralyzed God of War.
On their wedding night, the paralyzed groom pressed her under his body: “Do you want this Prince to kill you or poison you?”Lin Chujiu is a famous surgeon so she wouldn’t feel threatened that easily. She turned and pressed the crippled man under her body: “Say, do you want me to completely waste your legs or waste your third leg?”
She is a genius surgeon doctor in Moderna Era that was transmigrated into the body of the Eldest Miss of Lin Family.
He is a famous prince that named as the God of War and was feared by many.
“I, Lin Chujiu is not a good woman, I do not know how to write melodramatic words.”
“I am in love with you and willing to do anything for you, I will bear the blame of our country or even help you seize the vast territory of our motherland… …”
“I hate you, I am willing to put out your heart, take out your bones and after you lose your life I will destroy this picturesque country … …”

Princess Medical Doctor Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 104.2 Sep-23-17
Chapter 104 Part1 Sep-23-17
Chapter 103 Part2 Sep-22-17
Chapter 103 Part1 Sep-21-17
Chapter 102 Part2 Sep-20-17
Chapter 102 Part1 Sep-20-17
Chapter 97 Sep-17-17
Chapter 95.2 Sep-17-17
Chapter 87 Sep-17-17
Chapter 86 Sep-17-17
Chapter 83 Sep-17-17
Chapter 76 Sep-17-17
Chapter 75.1 Sep-17-17
Chapter 75 Sep-17-17
Chapter 101 Part2 Sep-17-17
Chapter 101 Part1 Sep-14-17
Chapter 100 Part2 Sep-11-17
Chapter 100 Part1 Sep-11-17
Chapter 99 Part2 Sep-09-17
Chapter 99 Part1 Sep-17-17
Chapter 98 Part2 Sep-06-17
Chapter 98 Part1 Sep-05-17
Chapter 97 Part2 Sep-01-17
Chapter 97 Part1 Sep-01-17
Chapter 96 Part2 Aug-27-17
Chapter 96 Part1 Aug-26-17
Chapter 95 Part1 Aug-25-17
Chapter 93 Part2 Aug-31-17
Chapter 94 Part2 Aug-24-17
Chapter 94 Part1 Aug-24-17
Chapter 93 Part1 Aug-19-17
Chapter 92 Part2 Aug-16-17
Chapter 92 Part1 Aug-16-17
Chapter 91 Part2 Aug-13-17
Chapter 91 Part1 Aug-13-17
Chapter 90 Part2 Aug-11-17
Chapter 90 Part1 Aug-11-17
Chapter 89 Part2 Aug-08-17
Chapter 89 Part1 Aug-08-17
Chapter 88 Part2 Aug-05-17
Chapter 88 Part1 Aug-19-17
Chapter 87 Part2 Aug-03-17
Chapter 87 Part1 Aug-03-17
Chapter 86 Part2 Jul-31-17
Chapter 86 Part1 Jul-31-17
Chapter 85 Part2 Jul-30-17
Chapter 85 Part1 Jul-30-17
Chapter 84 Part2 Aug-05-17
Chapter 84 Part1 Jul-26-17
Chapter 83 Part2 Jul-25-17
Chapter 83 Part1 Jul-25-17
Chapter 82 Part2 Jul-21-17
Chapter 82 Part1 Jul-21-17
Chapter 81 Part2 Jul-19-17
Chapter 81 Part1 Jul-19-17
Chapter 80 Part2 Jul-17-17
Chapter 80 Part1 Jul-17-17
Chapter 79 Part2 Jul-13-17
Chapter 79 Part1 Jul-11-17
Chapter 78 Part2 Jul-11-17
Chapter 78 Part1 Jul-11-17
Chapter 77 Part2 Jul-10-17
Chapter 77 Part1 Jul-10-17
Chapter 76 Part2 Jul-07-17
Chapter 76 Part1 Jul-07-17
Chapter 75 Part2 Jul-03-17
Chapter 74 Part2 Jul-01-17
Chapter 74 Part1 Jul-01-17
Chapter 73 Part2 Jun-26-17
Chapter 73 Part1 Jun-26-17
Chapter 72 Part2 Jul-08-17
Chapter 72 Part1 Jun-26-17
Chapter 71 Part2 Jul-08-17
Chapter 71 Part1 Jun-25-17
Chapter 70 Part2 Jul-08-17
Chapter 70 Part1 Jul-08-17
Chapter 69 Part2 Jun-20-17
Chapter 69 Part1 Jul-08-17
Chapter 68 Part2 Jun-18-17
Chapter 68 Part1 Jun-18-17
Chapter 67 Part2 Jun-16-17
Chapter 67 Part1 Jul-08-17
Chapter 66 Part2 Jul-08-17
Chapter 66 Part1 Jun-14-17
Chapter 65 Part2 Jun-08-17
Chapter 65 Part1 Jun-08-17
Chapter 64 Part2 Jun-05-17
Chapter 64 Part1 Jun-05-17
Chapter 63 Part2 Jul-08-17
Chapter 63 Part1 Jun-03-17
Chapter 62 Jun-01-17
Chapter 61 Jun-01-17
Chapter 60 Jun-01-17
Chapter 59 May-30-17
Chapter 58 May-30-17
Chapter 57 May-29-17
Chapter 56 May-29-17
Chapter 55 Part2 May-29-17
Chapter 55 Part1 May-27-17
Chapter 54 Part2 Jul-08-17
Chapter 54 Part1 May-25-17
Chapter 53 Part2 May-25-17
Chapter 53 Part1 May-22-17
Chapter 52 Part2 May-22-17
Chapter 52 Part1 May-20-17
Chapter 51 Part2 Jul-08-17
Chapter 51 Part1 May-20-17
Chapter 50 Part2 Jul-08-17
Chapter 50 Part1 May-15-17
Chapter 49 Part2 May-15-17
Chapter 49 Part1 May-12-17
Chapter 48 Part2 May-12-17
Chapter 48 Part1 May-11-17
Chapter 47 May-06-17
Chapter 46 May-03-17
Chapter 45 May-01-17
Chapter 44 Part2 May-15-17
Chapter 44 Part1 Apr-29-17
Chapter 43 Part2 Apr-29-17
Chapter 43 Part1 Apr-29-17
Chapter 42 Part2 May-15-17
Chapter 42 Part1 Apr-29-17
Chapter 41 Part2 May-15-17
Chapter 41 Part1 Apr-29-17
Chapter 8 Part2 Apr-29-17
Chapter 8 Part1 Apr-29-17
Chapter 40 Apr-16-17
Chapter 39 Apr-16-17
Chapter 38 Apr-14-17
Chapter 37 Apr-09-17
Chapter 36 Apr-06-17
Chapter 35 Apr-04-17
Chapter 34 Apr-02-17
Chapter 33 Mar-31-17
Chapter 32 Mar-31-17
Chapter 31 Mar-31-17
Chapter 30 Mar-26-17
Chapter 29 Mar-25-17
Chapter 28 Mar-19-17
Chapter 27 Mar-12-17
Chapter 26 Mar-12-17
Chapter 25 Mar-12-17
Chapter 24 Mar-10-17
Chapter 23 May-15-17
Chapter 22 Mar-09-17
Chapter 21 Mar-04-17
Chapter 20 Mar-04-17
Chapter 19 Mar-04-17
Chapter 18 Mar-04-17
Chapter 17 Mar-04-17
Chapter 16 Mar-04-17
Chapter 15.2 Feb-23-17
Chapter 15.1 Feb-21-17
Chapter 14.2 Feb-20-17
Chapter 14.1 Feb-20-17
Chapter 13.2 Feb-15-17
Chapter 13.1 Feb-15-17
Chapter 12.2 Feb-15-17
Chapter 12.1 Feb-15-17
Chapter 11.2 Feb-15-17
Chapter 11.1 Feb-15-17
Chapter 10.2 Feb-15-17
Chapter 10.1 Feb-15-17
Chapter 9.2 Feb-15-17
Chapter 9.1 Feb-15-17
Chapter 8 Feb-15-17
Chapter 7 Feb-15-17
Chapter 6 Feb-15-17
Chapter 5 Feb-15-17
Chapter 4 Feb-15-17
Chapter 3 Feb-15-17
Chapter 2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 1 Jan-25-17
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